Which habits can make learning easier?

Little habits that make learning easier

Sometimes it's just small things that we have to change in order to achieve our goals better, faster or easier.
Would you like an amusing example of how to tie your shoes correctly? https://www.ted.com/talks/terry_moore_how_to_tie_your_shoes?language=de

For the acquisition of new skills and the efficiency of our learning, there are also little habits that ensure that simply more sticks in our brains.

To celebrate success: Celebrate your learning success, even if it was just a small step from your point of view. It doesn't have to be a big VIP party, sometimes an extra coffee including a 10-minute special break is enough. A small reward pours out dopamine and we associate learning with something beautiful that we absolutely want to continue.

Motivation through quotations: You get the feeling that almost every celebrity has said a clever sentence at one point or another. Not all are worth remembering. But probably everyone has a quote or a life wisdom that touches them or motivates them in bad times. Find a study quote and let yourself be motivated by the great and successful.

Stretching: Stretching brings the muscles into a favorable pre-start and tension state and promotes motivation and can at the same time have a stress-reducing effect on the psyche. In this state the head is free again for new things.
More information and video instructions: http://einkaufversusvertrieb.de/1-kollmanns-corner-flexibel-im-buero

The daily success: Find a task the evening before or as the first act in the morning, after which you can celebrate the day as a successful day.

Breaks: when time is tight: several short breaks have more effect than one long break. Walks during the lunch break to get some distance and so that creativity can recover - it's not for nothing that we have the best ideas in the shower, over coffee, etc. I now have a notebook with a pen on every corner, because as fast as the ideas sometimes they come, they go again so quickly. The breaks are an important part of successful learning, especially when learning new skills.

Ideas drawer: Collect all of your ideas in a drawer, folder or digital folder. Sometimes the time is not yet ripe for the idea, sometimes you realize after a few weeks that the idea may not have been so good after all, sometimes weeks later you congratulate yourself for this fabulous idea. It would be a shame if their ideas were lost.

5 top projects: Define and above all prioritize your long-term projects, similar to what executives at Google and other successful companies do every year. This way you keep track of things and don't get bogged down with less important things.

Learning group: We are all no longer at school or studying where we met with fellow students to learn the material for the next exam together and to motivate each other. Find a new learning group - it can be a YouTube community, the private reading group or the colleague in the office, etc. It's just more fun together.

I hope that some tips will help you to achieve your learning goals more easily. I wish you success!

Axel Hamann

Your Best Practice Institute team



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