How can I play mobile casino games

Mobile casino games - top 5 features for smartphones and tablets

Marina Eichel from Chefonnlinecasino is an online casino expert who has been involved with mobile casino games for a long time. Mobile casinos are among the most popular mobile offers in Switzerland. As an expert, Marina Eichel has now compiled some important facts and features for you as the reader that you should consider before registering.

Technical facts about mobile online casinos on smartphones and tablets

In order to be able to play in one of the mobile casinos first, you should have a new tablet or a newer smartphone. Only then is it possible to download a casino app. Unfortunately, old Nokia cell phones do not work for this. Basically, all mobile smartphones that came onto the market from 2013, 2014 work for this. But it's always better when the tablet or smartphone is newer. It doesn't matter whether Android casinos or IOS casinos.

Only play mobile casino games with a secure smartphone or with the latest updates. Remember that this is real money and that you log in with your details. It can be dangerous if you use applications with an outdated smartphone that require a high level of security.

Best browser for mobile casino games

If you have decided on a casino or an offer, then of course the question arises as to which browser you should play the whole thing on. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that the offer does not have a casino app.

For IOS tablet or smartphone users, it is advisable to use the normal Ā«SafariĀ» browser in this matter. This is well-known and has good security standards, which enable the playing of casino offers.

For Android users, this question should of course be made a little bigger. Which browser is the best? Of course you could also look at this individually. Basically, however, you should rely on the large and well-known browsers. The "Firefox" or "Edge" browser would be best suited for this.

Large selection of mobile casino games

As a player in a mobile casino you always have a very large selection of different games. Whether blackjack, roulette, live casino games or slot machines - the casino world is packed with adventures and opportunities to win real money. Mobile offers in Switzerland are also some of the safest, best and most played ever.

Mobile phone casinos are also one of the most popular forms of leisure activities for the Swiss. Thanks to the good cell phone network, you can play from anywhere, e.g. on the way to work on the train or bus. These possibilities also open up completely new opportunities for the casinos. No wonder, then, that the range of games is getting bigger and bigger and that the professional software manufacturers come up with new topics, games and offers, which then become a real success with the players.

Mobile Casino Bonuses and Offers

Every online casino offers its players one or more bonus offers. The mobile bonus works in exactly the same way as other bonus offers that can be found on the Internet with the various providers. A popular and well-known form of bonus is when you sign up for a real money casino app without making a deposit. You get a so-called welcome bonus, with which you get between 8.- and 20.- CHF to play.

Another type of casino bonus that is also very popular is the Free Spin Bonus. For this, when you register and make your first deposit, you get so-called "Free Spins", which enable free game rounds on the slots and slot machines.

But there are also other bonuses, such as the doubling bonus, where you get your top-up credit doubled. This is usually possible up to a certain buzzer.
Depending on what you choose, the choice is given. From time to time there is also a bonus exclusively for mobile users, which is then paid out when registering. It is recommended to use this bonus money to test the games and to get a better picture of the offer - the risk of losing too much money is also much lower.

Important tips for playing in the mobile casino from experienced players.

If you are new to a mobile casino, then you can always use useful tips. Especially when they come from experienced players. With this list we would like to help you to quickly find your way around a mobile casino and mobile casino games. After all, everyone has the same goal: to win real money in the mobile casino.

  • Stick to your bankroll - also in the mobile casino: Never play beyond your means
  • Make sure you have a stable mobile connection: Although the cell phone network in Switzerland is very good, there may be dead spots from time to time. This can end fatally when you are out and about playing.
  • Read important reviews of mobile casino apps on the internet. These provide information about whether the casino offer is also good and whether you should register.

Summary: The mobile casino is worth it!

If you want to jump on the bandwagon of digitization, you will do exactly the right thing by registering at the mobile casino. It has never been so easy to play real money casino on the go. In general, the technical advances in this area are extremely good - regardless of whether you play via the app or on the browser - the casino offers on smartphones and tablets are tough and should not be underestimated. The next few years will show how this trend will develop!

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