How do fashion bloggers make their pictures

Photo Editing: Fashion Bloggers' Best Photo Apps

Take a photo, upload it to Instagram, select a filter: it's not that easy. These photo editing apps use fashion bloggers.

Rise, Valencia or Sierra - the filters of the Instagram app are no longer insider tips among the users of the social network. And yet fashion bloggers, models and other Instagram stars manage to make their photos stand out from the usual flood of Instagram images. These four photo editing apps will make your Instagram posts just as beautiful:


The VSCO Cam photo app is basically - similar to Instagram - an alternative camera for the smartphone. The difference: You can not only take photos with it, but also edit them professionally right afterwards. VSCO Cam makes it possible, among other things, to sharpen and crop photos as you wish. You can also choose between several filter options. To make it clear which app they used to post-process photos, many Instagram stars use the hashtag #VSCO under their posts. Another highlight of the app: It is available free of charge for both iOS and Android in the corresponding app stores.


Snapseed could well be called Photoshop among the image editing apps for the smartphone. In addition to the usual functions such as optimizing brightness, contrast, sharpness and color saturation, unsightly areas can also be retouched, perspectives adjusted and post-processed at the touch of a finger. Snapseed, like VSCO Cam, can be downloaded free of charge from the apps store for iOS and Android.


In contrast to VSCO Cam and Snapseed, you have to invest a few cents when downloading the Afterlight app, but the price of the image editing software is not too significant. While iTunes charges 0.99 cents for Afterlight, the app in the Google Play Store for Android devices costs only 0.73 cents. It has a total of 59 filters and 15 tools with which brightness or contrast can be adjusted.


The photo editing app Facetune is particularly suitable for Instagram users with a selfie tick. Because impurities or unloved areas of skin can be easily removed by wiping. Facetune can even make your teeth whiter. However, this software is not cheap. For Apple users, Facetune costs just under four euros, for Android devices the app charges around half.