What is a technocratic government


The adjective technocratic describes a form of government or administration based on scientific knowledge, statistical control and rationality. Efficiency and the focus on practical constraints are in the foreground, while individual freedom and democratic decision-making tend to be in the background.

The German term was derived from the equivalent English technocratic borrowed and results from the composition of the ancient Greek expressions techne (Skill) and kratos (Power, rule; also the god of power in Greek mythology).


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Usage examples

During the TV debate, he argued technocratic, rattled down statistics and only superficially responded to the questions of the young job seeker in the audience.

In the early days [of the EU], the war generation's longing for peace and the pursuit of prosperity promoted the growing together. There was trust in the political leaders. That left them technocratic Conception of the community whose sole identity was pragmatism and whose driving forces were fostered by the bipolar world of the Cold War.
- Franz Fischler (2012), Elect a President for Europe !, DIE ZEIT, May 24, 2012 No. 22.

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