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8 Spotify Tricks Users Should Know!

By Madlen Schäfer and Andreas Filbig | September 19, 2020, 9:35 p.m.

Spotify plays countless music tracks, but it can do a lot more. TECHBOOK has eight tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the popular streaming service.

1. Optimized sound

Already knew? You can optimize the sound of your sound individually, for example with more bass or a concert hall reverb. Depending on the music taste, the streaming service offers 22 individual sound options with which the audio quality can be increased. Android users can find the corresponding settings under the menu item “Sound Quality” and “Equalizer”. The sound quality can also be reduced a bit here, thereby saving data volume. Owners of an iPhone, however, go to the "Playback" menu item in the settings and then to "Equalizer".

2. Sleep timer switches off Spotify

Do you still like to listen to music when you fall asleep? Then the sleep timer is the ideal option for you. It can be used to determine how long the music should run. Spotify then automatically stops playback and no longer continues unheard. That also saves electricity. The sleep timer can be activated via the song settings. Open a title and tap the three dots in the upper right corner - then scroll all the way down. You can choose from preset options between five minutes and a maximum of one hour.

3. Optimized search

Are you looking for a title but not satisfied with the search result? With a few tricks you can find the results you want in no time.

In front of the stage names it helps, for example,artist: to write. You writetrack: in front of your search term when you are looking for a song. The terms genre:, year: or album: you can also enter it in the search field if you are looking for a certain music genre, a certain year of publication or an album. It is even possible to record songs in a selected period of time, for example year: 1999-2002, to search. If you combine these terms, you will optimize your search even more, for example:track: Where Is My Mind? album: Surfer Rosa artist: Pixies. If you don't have a song or album in the results, say so with the word not exclude.

4. Listen to Spotify offline

The best way to save data volume on the go is: activate offline mode. In this case, you will only hear your saved podcasts and songs - and Spotify won't play the next songs after the saved playlist ends. This trick is also the solution when there are subway journeys or flights or otherwise poor or no reception is to be expected.

Go to the settings under "Playback" in the app and switch on the offline mode there. However, you have to go online once every 30 days so that Spotify can check whether your premium subscription is still valid. A few seconds are enough.

If you would like to make a playlist available offline, simply click on it and move the small slider to the right of "Download" - Spotify will save the music on your smartphone. This also works for individual songs and albums, at least in the paid subscription version.

5. Common lists

In the flat share, for a party or with friends - if you want to listen to music with other people, joint lists are worthwhile. Go to the desired playlist in the menu (symbol with three dots) on "Share" and then on "Shared playlist" so that the selected people can add more music to the list.

What other Spotify tricks do you know? Send us your tips to [email protected] and we will publish the best ones in this article!

6. Create a playlist based on a song

Are you listening to a song that simply fits your musical taste perfectly? Spotify's algorithms can help track down similar songs that you may not even know about. Simply select the relevant song and hold your finger on it for a short time. Then use the menu item “Go to Song Radio”. Spotify will now create a playlist based on the one song. You can find this playlist under the heading "Radio".

7. Without a premium subscription: Play individual songs

Spotify users without a premium account have to live with some restrictions - for example, that they cannot select specific songs with the app when they are on the go, but the streaming service simply selects songs at random. However, this only applies to the mobile version. In the desktop version you can play specific songs again.

8. Save with one swipe

iPhone users have a practical advantage: they can save songs with a swipe to the left. A green plus symbol then appears. With a swipe to the right, iOS users put a song in the queue of the current playlist.

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