When you're slim, you look shorter

THESE 8 styling mistakes will make your legs look shorter (and thicker)

Styling mistake # 1: light-colored pants and dark-colored shoes

If you want your legs to look longer in the white pants, then you should definitely not pair it with dark, chunky shoes. Because this creates a visually tough break between your calves and feet. That makes the legs look shorter.

Better: Wear either open-toe shoes with light-colored trousers or models in nude. Pointed pumps, for example, are great. They ensure a smooth transition and visually lengthen the legs.

Styling Mistake # 2: Wrong Skirt

If you are rather small and have short legs with strong calves, you should ban skirts that reach to the middle of the calf from your closet. This length compresses the figure and makes the legs look much shorter.
Better: Reach for a skirt that reaches no more than just above the knees. In general, shorter, narrow-cut skirts make the legs look longer than models with a midi length.

Styling Mistake # 3: Too Long Top

The top can also ensure that the legs appear shorter - namely when it is too long. If blouses, shirts, etc. reach over the hips, they visually lengthen the upper body. At the same time, they shorten the legs.

Better: Reach for cropped tops and pair them with high-cut trousers or a high-waisted skirt. Or, alternatively, simply tuck the hem of your top into the waistband of your pants or skirt. This not only ensures longer legs, but also makes the waist look slimmer.

Styling mistake # 4: too much contrast

In order for the legs to appear long and slim, it is important that you avoid harsh contrasts in your look. They would visually split your body and make your legs look shorter as a result. So do without combos like white blouse and black pants.

Better: Choose the top and bottom in the same color or a similar level of lightness. Instead of combining dark jeans with a white T-shirt, it is better to wear a model in a light wash.

Styling Mistake # 5: Wrong Shoes

Styling with palazzo pants and flat sandals may look great on our favorite blogger. But if you don't have long gazelle legs, the combination of wide pants and flat shoes quickly makes you look stocky.

Better: Always combine high heels with long, flared trousers. If you can't walk so well on narrow heels, we recommend wedges, i.e. shoes with wedge heels. They stretch your legs, but are almost as comfortable as flat kicks.

Styling mistake # 6: creases on the hem

Do your pants crease at the hem because they are a tad too long? Then you should change something about it as soon as possible! Because the compression folds make your legs look much shorter.

Better: There are two ways to fix the styling error: you can roll up your trouser legs to your ankles or you can wear cropped jeans. These are jeans, the hem of which is cut off and ends at ankle height. Compared to the rolled up jeans, they make the legs look a bit longer and slimmer.

Styling mistake # 7: hipsters

Let's stay briefly with the trousers - more precisely, with their waist height. The strange term describes whether the pants are low, that is, on the hips, or are cut high. When it comes to visually lengthening the legs, hipsters are the worst possible choice.

Better: Mid- or high-rise models, i.e. pants that are either cut at the height of the navel or, even better, at the waist. Incidentally, Marlene trousers with creases are real leg extensions. The routes!

Styling Mistake # 8: Wrong Pattern

And something else can make your legs look short and strong. We are talking about the wrong pattern. Anything that emphasizes the horizontal body lines is bad. These include, for example, pants or skirts with horizontal stripes or checks.

Better: Grab a lower part with vertical stripes! They visually lengthen the legs and also make them look much slimmer.

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