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The best car vacuum cleaner in comparison.

Car vacuum cleaners for domestic use are gradually overtaking the car vacuum cleaners at the petrol station. No wonder: With the flexible everyday helpers you can Quickly and easily clean the interior of the vehicle from crumbs, sand and other contaminants regardless of the location.

In various car vacuum cleaner tests, the best devices score with low weight and high functionality. Take a look at our comparison table and differentiate between the various car vacuum cleaner models Power, dust container volume and weight from each other.

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the essentials in brief
  • Car vacuum cleaners are designed for cleaning upholstery and hard-to-reach areas such as the area under the car seats. But they are handy and usually only about 2 kg in weight.
  • The suction cups are available either with or without a cable. Supplying the car vacuum cleaner with electricity via the 12 volt connection of the cigarette lighter is just as possible as buying a powerful car vacuum cleaner with mains operation. Car vacuum cleaners with rechargeable batteries do not require a cable connection.
  • Bagless vacuum cleaners are almost exclusively produced for the explicit cleaning of the car: Simply empty the reusable dust container over the garbage can. Car vacuums with vacuum cleaner bags are usually also characterized by a washable bag.

Everything is ready for a trip to the beach: only the flip-flops on your feet separate the soles of your feet from the hot sandy beach. Shortbread biscuits are a long-running favorite among the way food. Of course, treat yourself to some of it. Crumbs and sand in the vehicle are a minor matter. What sounds like a nice scenario is a real horror for some car owners when they look at the Cleaning your automobile think after the excursion.

Vacuuming the car is undisputedly the number one among the measures for car cleaning, the market research institute Tema-Q found out. 97 percent of car owners use a vacuum cleaner for this.

So that you too can find the best car vacuum cleaner for you, our car vacuum cleaner comparison [2017] contains purchase advice in which we introduce you to important criteria such as performance, dust container volume and weight.

1. Car vacuum cleaners are the compact cleaning alternative to petrol station vacuum cleaners

Car vacuum cleaners are professional upholstery cleaners. While some car covers are removable and washable, expensive leather covers in particular require special care. You can also remove crumbs and other dirt from them with a car vacuum cleaner.

You will find flexible, but somewhat less powerful, cordless vacuum cleaners for the car, as well as corded, high-wattage car vacuum cleaners.

In its test issue 02/2016, Stiftung Warentest criticized the low suction power of handheld vacuum cleaners, but measured it on conventional cylinder vacuum cleaners. Handy vacuum cleaners are often sufficient for cleaning a car.

In contrast to the regular handheld vacuum cleaner, whose suction opening is firmly connected to the body of the device and even merges seamlessly into it, you can too Buy car vacuums that have a flexible suction hose. This gives you even more freedom of movement. This is also necessary in the narrow space of the car. In addition, that ensures low dead weight of an average of 1.5 to 3 kilograms for handiness.

We have listed the most important characteristics of car vacuum cleaners for you in an overview:

  • easy to use in the car thanks to its very compact design
  • Available with a paper or textile dust bag and as a bagless car vacuum cleaner with a dust container
  • as a battery-operated version, mobile and flexible, as a wired version, it is highly absorbent
  • can often be connected to the 12-volt connection of the car's cigarette lighter
  • Continuous motor support is required when power is supplied through the car
  • low dead weight

The mobile vacuum cleaners are a real one Alternative to the large vacuum cleaners at gas stations.

2. Bagged devices: car vacuum cleaner variants with dust collector and dust bag

Not only do you have to decide which power supply to use for your car vacuum cleaner, but also where you want dirt and crumbs to go from the car. Car vacuum cleaners are available with a fixed dust container as well as with a bag.

The biggest advantage of the dust bag variant for car vacuum cleaners is hygiene. This suction cup category enables one hygienic disposal of the garbage picked up: Just open the trash can and throw away the dust bag. This type of vacuum cleaner emptying is a real boon, especially for people who are allergic to house dust.

Car vacuum cleaners without a vacuum cleaner bag, on the other hand, are much more widespread. Have you not had any experiences with bagless car vacs? We have you the most important Advantages and disadvantages of the bagless car vacuum cleaner summarized:

  • No need to buy more vacuum cleaner bags
  • Containers are simply emptied over the trash can
  • additional, environmentally friendly exhaust air filter for water vacuum cleaners
  • mostly smaller capacity than the dust bag variant
  • Emptying the container is often stressful for allergy sufferers

Our conclusion: If you are not one of those car owners who want or have to vacuum your vehicle every week, you can courageously use the bagless car vacuum cleaner. This means that you will not have to worry about emptying and cleaning the dust container. A Dustbag car vacuum cleaner is cheap for you if you are sensitive to house dust.

3. Purchase criteria for car vacuum cleaners: You have to pay attention to this

3.1. The power consumption and power sources

Probably the most important quality feature for a car vacuum cleaner is its suction power. The rumor persists that the wattage specified by the manufacturer also provides information about how powerful the device is. However, a test of car vacuum cleaners would show that this is not the case.

The wattage only indicates how large the energy consumption of the device is. This indicates how high the power consumption of the device is.

If you want to find your personal test winner among the car vacuum cleaners, you have the choice between three different types. These differ in the source from which they draw their energy for sucking. We present the three types in an overview:

Car vacuum cleaner typeproperties
Cordless handheld vacuum cleanerThe battery of the hand vacuum cleaner is charged at a charging station. This is connected to a socket. The cordless vacuum cleaner can also function as a handheld vacuum cleaner in the household.

wireless and mobile

reaches every corner

x short running time of 8 to 30 minutes

x less suction power than vacuum cleaner in mains operation

x long battery charging time

Car vacuum cleaner with mains connectionLike a regular cylinder vacuum cleaner, the car vacuum cleaners come with Mains operation via a power cord with the socket connected. As a result, the devices have a considerable suction power. Nevertheless, they are very compact so that they can also be moved in the interior when cleaning the car.

very high suction power

no time limit on sucking

x Socket connection near the car is mandatory

12 volt car vacuum cleanerMost often you will find the car vacuums that you want Connect to the car's cigarette lighter using a power cable. So the vacuum cleaner is constantly supplied with energy and can convince with good suction power.

even suction power

long vacuuming possible

x The car's engine must be running all the time

x The power cord of the car vacuum cleaner is in the way in a tight space

Please note: You can only compare the performance and power consumption of car vacuum cleaners in their respective product category. The rule of thumb is: sockets for great power, batteries for a limited period. The more powerful the power source, the greater the suction power.

3.2. The volume

sand in the gears

Have you spent a day at the beach and are annoyed by all the sand in your car? Even car vacuum cleaners with a small capacity of only 0.3 liters can hold up to 450 grams of sand. Note that the information on the capacity of the car vacuum cleaner is a volume and not a weight. The capacity of a car vacuum cleaner determines how much dirt and hair you can vacuum upwithout having to empty the dust container or change the dust bag.

Car vacuum cleaners are available in versions with a very small volume of only 200 milliliters of dirt up to larger models that can take up over half a liter of sand and crumbs.

Dust and hair are so fine and compress so much that you shouldn't be put off by a capacitythat looks very small on paper.

3.3. The radius of action

Regardless of whether you own a small city runabout or have fun with a large SUV: When cleaning the car, you often not only reach your limits, but also hit the steering wheel and the backrest of the seats. Above all else, a car vacuum cleaner must be manoeuvrable and mobile. Its radius of action describes the freedom of movement that the device gives you when using it.

    • The cordless car vacuum cleaner: You have the greatest freedom of movement in the car with the cordless vacuum cleaner with battery. Without the annoying tangle of cables, you have an unlimited radius of action, but there is a loss in suction power compared to mains-operated devices.
  • The vacuum cleaner for the cigarette lighter: The cable that connects the handheld vacuum cleaner to the cigarette lighter socket of your car is often several meters long. So you can vacuum your car in peace. However, you are wasting fuel as you have to keep the car engine running all the time to use it. To illustrate, keeping a car's engine running even when it is stationary uses between 0.8 and 1.5 liters of fuel. The average consumption of a car, whether diesel or gasoline, is between 7 and 8 liters per 100 kilometers. The car vacuum cleaner thus harbors a hidden cost factor.
  • The car vacuum cleaner with mains connection: You have to pay for the greatest suction power among car vacuum cleaners with deductions in terms of freedom of movement. Since you have to work near a socket to operate the vacuum cleaner, you also have spatial restrictions on where you can park your car. A solid extension cable can help. If you not only need a slow power cable, but also several socket connections at once, it is advisable to consider purchasing a cable drum.

3.4. The accessories and the nozzles

Fortunately, the interior of a car is not just made up of seats. There is enough space between the pedals and the floor mats so that you can let off steam in the interior with the car vacuum cleaner. However, one is not always suitable for this Upholstery nozzle that is predestined for quick cleaning of surfaces thanks to its wide contact surface. A Crevice nozzle that fits well into tight spaces thanks to its long, narrow shape, your teat should definitely have. If that's not the case, don't pause for a long time. You can buy cheap accessories for car vacuum cleaners.

4. What do I have to pay attention to if I want to operate a car vacuum cleaner with a cigarette lighter?

Most cigarette lighter sockets in conventional cars deliver an amperage of 12 volts. It is not without reason that the manufacturers of car vacuum cleaners have designed their devices in such a way that they can be operated with this current strength.

If you try to tap into the cigarette lighter of a truck, it is very likely that the car vacuum cleaner will be damaged. Trucks and motorcycles generally do not have an on-board voltage of 12 volts.

So that you know which manufacturers you will come across when looking for your personal car vacuum cleaner test winner, we would be happy to give you a brief overview of common brands. There are inexpensive devices from Clatronic, Efbe-Schott or Eufab. They are completely sufficient for occasional use. If you clean the interior of your vehicle regularly or if you have to remove extensive dirt, we recommend models from the manufacturers AEG, Kärcher or Black + Decker.

  • AEG
  • Black + Decker
  • Clatronic
  • Defort
  • Efbe bulkhead
  • Eufab
  • Heyner
  • Hikers
  • Hotor
  • Kärcher
  • Lescars
  • Melianda
  • Philips
  • Sminiker
  • Pre-cool
  • Wietus

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