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Conducting a sales pitch: tips and information

Regardless of whether it is about products, services or offers of whatever kind - if something is to be marketed profitably, it has to be sold successfully. Customers want to be understood and convinced that this solution is the best possible alternative and that it is worth the price. Experts are therefore required both in retail and at a larger level in the business sector Have a sales pitch. It is said again and again that the best salespeople have it in their blood and that they were born to do it. In many cases this may be true, but it does not mean that you cannot learn and improve the skill as well. What is important to have a successful sales pitch and which tips can help you win more customers ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Making sales pitches: why is it so important?

It is probably the dream for every company: a new product comes onto the market and customers rush to it. Maybe it's the great design, the new idea, the unbeatable price or it just hit the nerve of the times - in any case it apparently sells by itself.

Of course there are Luck sometimes, but there are the absolute exceptions and if you rely on it to work that way, your company will soon face major problems. Normally, sales pitches are needed to win customers and to bring your own offer to the man or woman.

One central question is at the fore:

Why should someone choose exactly this product or service?

Finding an answer to this becomes all the more difficult, since real unique selling points are rarely found. For everything there is direct competition, Products or services hardly differ from one another and even in terms of price there is often no real difference.

Successful sales talks can therefore make the difference whether a company generates good sales and can assert itself with its offer on the market or in difficult to see through jungle of similar products goes down.

So it is not surprising that many companies pay a lot for the sales department. Depending on the industry and employer, you can quickly earn 60,000 euros annually or more. For companies, an investment in their own success that can definitely pay off, if the right sales experts sit in your own ranks.

Can anyone have sales pitches?

They do exist, born salespeople. You manage to arouse enthusiasm for really every product and suddenly you have the feeling that you have always needed exactly this part - even though you didn't even know it existed before. But this is not the case for everyone Gift placed in the cradle been. Does that mean that others can put their make-up on their work in the sales industry right away because they have no chance of having successful sales talks?

Fortunately, it's not that extreme. Although personality certainly plays an important role, and one or the other therefore is easierTo make sales calls. The good news is that anyone can improve their sales skills.

That might cost a little then more overcoming, needs training and one or the other help, but whoever undertakes it can become a really good sales talent.

Conducting sales pitches: tips for more success

It's tough, To plan sales talks completely and to lay out the optimal process, which you can then follow in detail. There is also no recipe that always works and guarantees a successful conversation.

But there are lots of tipsthat can help you have a better sales pitch and increase the success rate.

  • Prepare yourself thoroughly

    Preparation is an absolute requirement if you want to have successful sales pitches. If you want to convince someone else of a product, you have to know it inside out. Of course, the main focus is on the most important product features and its advantages, but you should also be prepared for possible queries from other areas.

    In addition, it is very helpful if you can prepare for the exact customer with whom you will have the sales pitch. What is this looking for? What are his priorities? What questions and problems do you need to clarify? The more you know, the greater the chances of a successful conversation.

  • Pick a convenient time

    Unfortunately, it is not always possible, but if you can influence it, it is a good time to start the sales pitch. The potential customer should neither be stressed nor under time pressure. In this case, he will just try to finish quickly and end the conversation.

  • Listen to

    The success of a sales pitch depends not only on what you say, but also to a large extent on how well you listen to the other person. In this way, you receive a lot of important information that you need to find suitable arguments for the individual sales situation.

    By actively listening, you are also showing the person you are speaking to that you respect them and take them seriously. An important factor, because if the feeling arises that you are just trying to sell something quickly, many people take refuge in a defensive position.

  • Address needs and expectations

    Ready-made arguments are helpful and can give structure to the sales pitch - but they shouldn't be an all-purpose tool. In order to be really successful in selling, you have to be able to engage with each customer and respond to their wishes.

    Here again, listening plays a major role. Find out what expectations a potential customer has, how he wants to use the product or what his decision depends on. If you manage to address exactly these points and convince them there, nothing stands in the way of a sale.

  • Build sympathy

    No matter how good and convincing your arguments are, it will be a very difficult sales pitch if the person you are talking to does not think you are sympathetic. If there is no sympathy, there is no trust and a potential customer will in all likelihood become a buyer with the competition.

    Your appearance during the sales pitch is particularly important for sympathy. A friendly smile, open and interested eye contact, a well-groomed appearance and please also not be too pushy.

  • Repeat what you said

    This does not mean that you should ape the person you are talking to. Rather, it is a matter of briefly summarizing the most important points that emerged in the conversation. Above all, focus on what the other person said. His expectations of the product, his ideas and also his doubts.

    In this way, you show that you really understand what is important and that you can address these needs or concerns. If you succeed, it makes a good impression on the potential customer and a successful sales pitch becomes more likely.

  • Be understandable

    Information is the basis of your reasoning, and if you want to convince a buyer, you need to provide them with all the important information they need to make a purchase decision. But don't make the mistake of getting too specific and complicated.

    If you start to throw around terms that the person you are talking to has never heard of, you make him feel insecure and make him want to find out more before making a decision.

  • Don't talk endlessly

    Some salespeople talk themselves into a rage. Once started, they can hardly be stopped, they reel off an entire program and can come up with further arguments for what feels like an eternity. But a sales pitch doesn't necessarily get better the longer it takes. Sometimes it makes more sense to focus on the really important aspects and leave it at that.

    At a certain point, you can also overload and overwhelm a customer with information. Let what has been said take effect and the other person draws his or her conclusions from it, without having to go straight to the next aspect.

  • Do not be discouraged

    Unfortunately, frustration is part of the sales industry. Even if you have the best sales pitch of your life, success is far from guaranteed. Rejections are part of the business, but sometimes it can be difficult to deal with.

    Try not to lose courage or belief in your skills in the sales pitch, even in the doldrums. Analyze the conversations and try to learn from them for the next time.

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