What are the habits of happy couples?

6 weekly habits for a happy relationship

Happy couples respect each other's freedom and don't necessarily have to stick together every day. However, there are 6 weekly habits that make time together especially valuable.

Last update: April 26, 2019

Happy couples respect each other's freedom and don't necessarily have to stick together every day. There are, however 6 weekly habitsthat make the time together particularly valuable.

Do you know people who have fulfilling relationships and who seem to be doing everything right? If yours is one of them, congratulations! However, there are numerous situations or problems that put the bond with the loved one to the test.

Everyday life can take the air out of a relationship and affect it. Therefore, it is especially important to find ways to get better and to be really happy - not just temporarily, but for the long term.

Even if everyone has their own hobbies and preferences, there are moments and specials 6 weekly habitsthat should be shared with the partner. They are easy to implement and can be done every week.

At the same time, they have no influence on other tasks or interpersonal relationships. Get to know them in this article.

6 weekly habits for couples

1. Share household chores

Sounds weird? Often times we don't think about the fact that doing household chores together is the key to a happy relationship.

However, if scheduled on one day of the week, this activity will strengthen the relationship and makes it possible to talk.

This will also help you get to know your partner's little tics better or what things are particularly important to him or her. You become aware that you both have an equal responsibility to keep alive the place you call home.

2. Have breakfast in bed

Loving someone shows up in every gesture and action towards that person. Bringing your partner breakfast to bed once a week is particularly effective for a happy relationship - all the better if this happens spontaneously and unexpectedly.

Maybe you think this isn't really meaningful. However, your counterpart will feel particularly comfortablewhen you get up a little earlier for him or her and prepare something he or she likes. This creates additional harmony.

You can make this a habit if you are very busy during the week and don't see each other often. Such a gesture is more valuable than any gift bought.

3. Weekly Habits: Avoid Technology

Another habit that happy couples follow is To do without technology completely for a day. This may surely be one of the most difficult tasks.

Still, try to stick to your plan and spend a day without reading the news or social media. Instead, share the news each of you has to tell.

Surely there are numerous things that you haven't talked about in a long time. This will bring you closer to each other. Talk about yourself, your goals, new challenges, expectations, and the family.

You may also find that the person you're with has changed over the past few months without you even realizing it.

4. Have sex

Happy couples know that there should always be room for fun. Therefore, sex shouldn't be a taboo subject.On the contrary, talking about it and taking the time to get intimate weekly is essential in any healthy relationship.

It is not necessary to try extravagant positions or strange fetishes. It is important that you are physically close. Sex should be perceived as a way of being connected to one another and improve communication and health.

Often times, sex is neglected because both parties have busy schedules. But this will gradually affect the relationship.

5. Make plans together

Where do you see yourself with your partner in the future? This is the basic question you should ask yourself before making plans with him or her.

Thinking about common projects strengthens the relationship. Happy couples talk about their longings, fears, and desires. A day without technology or doing chores is a great way to discuss such topics.

The things that can be sought in a relationship are numerous. Some would like to have a child together, others want to travel together.

Find out what you want and how to achieve it.Working on it together gives you security and is associated with positive emotions.

6. Weekly habits: Allow each other space

This article was about weekly habits that are fundamental to a happy relationship. Nevertheless, it is also important that everyone retains their own personal space.

Once a week, you should spend a few hours or the entire day without your partner.Go to the movies alone, hang out with friends, visit family, or do whatever you feel like doing.

A certain amount of independence is healthy in a relationship and necessary for both parties.

Which of these habits have you already implemented with your partner? Which one is particularly important to you? Share with us other habits that you started together!

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