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Buy regional products, but why?

The freedom of movement in Austria is currently very limited for the population. This means that online giants like Amazon are upgrading because online trade is growing rapidly right now. Small regional businesses have to close down and fire their staff because people are currently buying little regional products. Whereas corporations like Amazon expect an increase in sales.

But actually we have to stick together at precisely these times. Local farms and regional companies make an important contribution to maintaining supplies. It is our duty to support them and to pay attention to regionality when shopping. We should all buy more regional products.

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Buy regional products - what does regional mean?

The topic has already arrived for many people and for them it is a central factor in every purchase. That's why they pay special attention to where the products come from. But what does regional actually mean?

Many people use the term “regional” as a guide, especially when shopping for groceries. This is also confirmed by a survey by Statistics Austria. This states that 80% of consumers already pay attention to it. Nevertheless, everyone associates something different with the term “regional”. So what does regional really mean?

What is regionality all about?

First and foremost, the regionality shows where the product comes from. Styrian apples are an example of this. A region is a national or cross-state sub-area. For example a federal state or a natural or landscape area.

Regional foods therefore have a clear geographical identity of origin. Vorarlberger Bergkäse is an example of this. In addition, regional food is only produced and processed with raw materials from the region. At least that's how it should be.

The problem with regionality

There is currently a lot of leeway when it comes to regionality. In the food retail sector, regional is translated as “from Austria”. But this is in contrast to the definition of regional as a sub-area. In addition, this guarantees neither low transport costs nor the regional preservation of added value. After all, a region does not mean an entire country. In addition, the definition of which area comprises a region is almost incomprehensible for consumers.

The change in awareness: Buying regional products is important to many

It seems as if the importance of regionality has reached people's minds, because more and more people are attaching importance to where their food comes from. So it is important for many to know where meat comes from and how animals are kept. Feelings of home and regionality are emotions that increasingly play a role in the purchase decision.

And right now it is important to look at the region. We have to support local businesses. This works best when we do our shopping in the region. Because in times of crisis we have to stick together. But regional shopping is not only important in times of crisis, because value creation from our own region should be a general need for all of us.

Why should one prefer regional products?

The trend reversal towards “buy locally” is clearly noticeable. You are wondering why it is so important to buy products from local companies as far as possible?

Most of us do our grocery shopping in the supermarket. That's not a bad thing either. But goods from all over the world come together there. This not only harms our climate, but also the local economy. With fresh food, for example, the quality usually falls by the wayside because of the long transport routes.

In contrast to this, the basic idea of ​​regionalism is to keep the distances between consumers and producers as short as possible. It also has an impact on the quality of the food. Because if you buy your fruit and vegetables regionally, you can be sure that they will be harvested at the optimal time of ripening. You can tell from the taste alone.

Strengthening the region has advantages for each of us

Another reason to buy your products in the region is to strengthen the region. Because if you buy from local manufacturers, the money and purchasing power remain in the region. This also automatically creates and safeguards jobs. This is particularly important in rural regions with little infrastructure. In addition, you have transparency in regional operations. You know the production site and know exactly where food comes from. In addition, if you buy regionally, you buy more consciously and usually more healthily.

However, it is not possible to buy every food in the region. But if you mainly buy regional products and only occasionally consume goods from overseas, you have already taken a decisive step.

The summer season in Austria has a lot to offer - why not take a vacation in Austria this year?

Reasons to buy regional products

The conscious purchase and consumption of regional food mostly goes beyond the organic seal. We have put together good reasons to show you why you should buy products regionally.

  1. environmental Protection

The fact that tomatoes come from the neighboring field when shopping regionally and not, for example, from Spain, saves a lot of CO2. Longer food transports are eliminated and you automatically reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Strengthen your own culture

If you buy regionally, it also helps to preserve regional specialties and cultural traditions and to protect them from being forgotten.

  1. Quality assurance

Food scandals keep coming to light. That shook a large number of consumers awake. Because if you know where the product comes from, you can be sure of the quality.

  1. Jobs are secured

With a purchase in the region you actively work against the death of farmers and secure jobs in your own region.

  1. Avoid waste

In the supermarket you can only find immaculate fruit and vegetables. What doesn’t look good doesn’t even go into business. This has nothing to do with the quality of the food. At the farm around the corner you can also buy the ugly carrots or apples and usually get the tastier fruit and vegetables than in the shop.

Why is it important to buy regional products right now?

Our domestic operations are currently facing a massive challenge. Due to the corona crisis, shops have to remain closed or only be scaled down to the bare minimum. The companies have to reckon with many economic losses and have to fight for their existence. Almost all sectors are affected, from catering and service companies to retail.

The companies concerned are currently trying to offer alternative online offers and thus keep themselves afloat. For us consumers it makes sense to support our regional businesses during this time to rethink our online buying behavior and to consciously use the Austrian online platforms.

“Dås Påck Ma”: platform for regional products

For this purpose, the state of Carinthia has set up a website for Carinthian companies and consumers, on which regional companies can register. There they can offer their services, such as delivery service or self-collection. The domain has a well thought-out filter system, which makes it possible to respond to the heart's desires of consumers in a very short time.

But not only now, but also after the period of restrictions, it will be important that we stand together and do our purchases and services from our domestic suppliers.

Our catering businesses in particular are severely affected by the Corona crisis. It is therefore necessary that we think about whether we want to forego holidays abroad, at least for a while, and instead spend them in our beautiful homeland.

Why regional shopping is important - our conclusion

True to the motto of the national anthem “Beloved Austria”: We are sure that there is plenty of new things to discover in our country and that it will be worthwhile to support our country in these difficult times.

Many jobs will be retained, and self-sufficiency will be ensured and expanded. Instead of collapsing, our entire economic system will revive and create new opportunities. And we can all contribute to that! Buy regionally! If we stand together at this time and who knows, maybe we will come back from the crisis bigger and stronger than ever before. As is well known, after every low comes a high. Stay healthy!


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