What does it mean to say yes, ma am

Translation of "Yes, ma'am" in German

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Yes, ma'am, all the way from Chicago.
Yes, ma'am, that's right.
Yes, ma'am, that is also correct.
Yes, that is also correct.
Yes, ma'am. Twenty minutes ago.
Yes, ma'am, I understand it's late.
Yes, ma'am, that's it exactly.
today I relived the night from back then.
Yes, ma'am, your Aunt Cordelia's.
Did you know that? -Yes, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am, that is my private number.
Yes, ma'am, I suppose so.
Yes, ma'am, loud and clear.
Yes, ma'am, but this is not TSA business.
Yes, ma'am, that's probably us.
Yes, ma'am, I'm certain he said something about a nerve gas canister.
Yes ma'am, I'm sure he said something about a canister of nerve gas.
Understood? - Yes, ma'am.
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