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Promotional items and give-aways for customer acquisition

Get attention with a promotional item

Some founders may turn up their noses at the thought of spending money on promotional products, but they have certainly not yet considered that they might already own promotional products from other companies.

Whether placed conspicuously or inconspicuously hidden - many people have business gifts at home. Pens, notepads, USB sticks, lighters or money boxes are meant. Often you don't even know when you got them and yet we own them - promotional items, giveaways or give-aways.

When it comes to promotional items, there are two important aspects. On the one hand, tax requirements must be observed when purchasing and passing on promotional items. On the other hand, the promotional item has to fit the company. Because some useless or edible promotional items are thrown away or eaten by customers, while other promotional items usually linger for years.

Before it comes to the tax point of dealing with a promotional item, we take a look at the variety, the design options and the potential of the promotional item. Holidays and celebrations are great for distributing give-aways.

The question of costs also arises for promotional items: if you want to translate your marketing concept into numbers, you can use our tool to calculate the marketing budget.

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Why promotional items?

A promotional item is a commodity that is given away by companies and is of little value in order to attract attention. Thus, a promotional item is a haptic sales aid. Haptics mean what the customer can feel, i.e. take in their hands, and understand.

Especially when it comes to a web-based business model or a service, it is particularly important to use haptic sales aids. Because this way you can symbolically transfer an idea to a promotional item and make it understandable for the customer.

The sense and purpose of a promotional item is therefore to arouse a need in the customer or to explain the company's business idea. A classic example of this is the money box as a promotional gift from a bank.

The freestyle in dealing with a promotional item is to select and design the promotional item in such a way that the customer perceives it as a (promotional) gift and not as a give away. A good promotional item is perceived as a gift that conveys an idea or the company logo.

Diversity of promotional items: classic, practical, Christmassy

Depending on the target group, price range and occasion, there is a large selection of promotional items. We have put together a few classic, creative and unusual promotional items. Of course, promotional items vary in terms of price, but one thing is certain - there is nothing that cannot be given away as promotional items.

Classic promotional items

  • pen
  • Lighter
  • USB stick
  • calendar
  • notepad
  • bracelet
  • Money box
  • Water polo
  • Key chain
  • Cups and mugs
  • Confectionery and beverages

Promotional items as practical household aids

  • door stopper
  • candle holder
  • smoke detector
  • motion detector
  • Knife block
  • Spirit level
  • Tape measure
  • Folding rule
  • Parking disc
  • ice scraper

Technical promotional items

  • Cell phone pocket
  • headphone
  • charger
  • speaker
  • Touch pen
  • thermometer
  • calculator

Christmas promotional items

  • Nutcracker
  • baking pan
  • bottle opener
  • Pastries
  • advent Calendar
  • Santa hat
  • Stuffed animal
  • Cookie cutter
  • fairy lights
  • Santa boots

Summer promotional items

  • Ice cube tray
  • Drinking bottle
  • binoculars
  • Flip flops
  • First aid kit
  • Folding chair
  • Mini grill
  • Bike light

Promotional items for children

  • Bread box
  • Timetable
  • Yo-yo
  • Spinning top
  • coloring book
  • Soap bubbles
  • Stencils
  • Crayon

Promotional item costs

The costs for promotional items vary, of course, depending on the provider, quality and quantity. The rule of thumb says: the higher the number of items, the greater the volume discount. It is best for founders to compare different providers and choose the best price-performance ratio. Let the respective provider advise you.

If founders plan to order a large number of promotional items, it is advisable to look at a sample beforehand to check for possible defects or errors. The promotional items ultimately ordered can still differ insignificantly depending on the material, surface or engraving.

It should also be noted that specially modified or manufactured promotional items are difficult or impossible to return. If founders want special designs, they should be quite sure.

Promotional items and taxes

As nice as it is to make customers happy with a promotional gift - it remains to deal responsibly with taxes so that giving remains a pleasure and does not lead to trouble with the tax office.

Here are a few basic rules to keep in mind. However, this is not a substitute for a precise individual analysis of the respective founder. Contact a tax advisor to be really sure. When it comes to promotional items, the following factors are important:

  • What are the costs for the promotional item?
  • What kind of company is purchasing this promotional item?
  • On what occasion is the promotional item being given away?

If a promotional item costs less than € 10, it is a giveaway. This refers to pens, confectionery, lighters and many other inexpensive promotional items. This is a promotional item that is distributed or scattered to the general public. Trade fairs or carnival parades are good examples of this. In this case, the expenses for promotional items are tax-deductible in a simple form.

However, if the promotional item costs more than € 10, the accounting department must record exactly who received the promotional item. The following applies: a recipient may only receive promotional items up to a total value of € 35 per year.

Numbers, data and facts about promotional products

According to a DIMA market research study commissioned by the General Association of the Promotional Products Industry (GWW) in 2012, promotional products are perceived more than TV or radio advertising.

94% of the respondents stated that they own one or more promotional items. 57% of them, i.e. a little more than half of the respondents, could remember the brand or company name. The information that three quarters of these promotional items have been in the possession of the recipient for more than 6 months is particularly interesting. 37% have even been at home for over two years.

Much more relevant than the whereabouts of the promotional items is the impact on the recipient's purchasing decisions. 37% of the respondents stated that the promotional item had a positive influence on a customer's purchase decision.

Author: Für-Gründer.de editors

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