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The biggest mistake when applying with 50plus! - most do it.

In the last few days I have given several online lectures. Participants were people 50+ who are currently doing state-sponsored further training. All looking for a job, some for a long time. Some of them sent me their application documents. And again I had the proof.

They are ALL making a huge mistake !!!!

Applicants spend a lot of time listing their core competencies from the PAST. In their résumé they try to present the whole thing as completely and as “perfectly” as possible. In the cover letter, repeat the CV in other words.

However, the question of all questions remains unanswered:

"What can your company achieve IN THE FUTURE if you hire me?"

Applying is selling!

Selling your services and your core competencies to a company that pays you every month for them!

Let's do a test:

I am sure: you have already bought a pair of shoes.

How do you make a decision?

  1. They really want to know how exactly the shoes were made. Which machines were used for this. What training and certificates the employees have.

  2. It is important to you that the shoes look good, fit well and do not pinch. More importantly, you can walk, exercise, hike or dance with it in the future.

I am sure that point 2 - what you can do with the shoes in the future is much more important to you than point 1, what the shoes were like in the past.

In all purchase decisions, the future is much more important than the past. I keep asking myself: Why do applications focus almost exclusively on the complete presentation of their past?

Yesterday I got the proof.

A good friend of mine is the managing director of a large company. He keeps hiring department heads and senior staff. Yesterday I asked him:

"How many applicants make a specific statement about what they will bring your company? How many develop a vision of where the department could be in 1-2-5 years? How many provide a timetable on how to achieve this? "

His answer: "NO ONE!“

My question: "Would you hire such an applicant? "

RIGHT AWAY!!!!!!!"

Now it is your turn:

Please read through your application documents. Check whether you describe the past completely, or whether you develop a possible future picture.

Let's talk about how you can put dreams of the future in your application. Book a free consultation now: www.ihremarktniche.de/termin

I look forward to your comments on this very important topic!