What is the meaning of pun intended

What does "no pun intended" mean? Meaning and use


You stumbled upon the phrase "No Pun intended" and don't know what that means? We'll tell you what's behind it and how you use it.

This means no pun intended: pun not intended

The term "No Pun intended" comes from English and means something like "The pun was not intended". As a popular internet meme, the phrase is also often used ironically to draw attention to a flat joke. The English term "pun" means "word game" or "word joke", mostly they are very obvious and due to their simplicity they are not funny about the dimensions.

Colloquially one speaks more of "flat jokes" that will never reach the humorous peak. Sometimes you still puncture without trying, and the phrase "No Pun intended" comes into play. This can be used to break expectations or to point to an otherwise overlooked joke that, for example, dissolves tension in serious situations.

Pun intended

The phrase "No Pun intended" can of course also be reversed if the pun or the joke is kept flat on purpose. Here some examples:

So you use No Pun intended

In addition to the literal use of "No Pun intended" if you accidentally made a pun, you can also use the expression ironically. Sometimes you can't help yourself and have to play bad puns. The internet recognized this early on, many memes live from "bad punches" that still make you smile.

Examples of the use of "No Pun intended":

  • Person A: "Had to go to the hospital because I pinched my fingers."
  • Person B: "I keep my fingers crossed that everything is going well!"
  • Person B: "No Pun intended."
  • Person A: "Have a trainee cut my hair, do you think I have to worry?"
  • Person B: "Oh, relax, what's going to go wrong? No pun intended!"
  • Person A: "With the Tinder date straight away to Netflix & Kill or would you prefer to meet in public first?"
  • Person B: "Lol, do you mean Netflix & Chill ???"
  • Person A: "Oh, no pun intended, the autocorrection is back."

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