Why do you hate IKEA

Learned from life - 7 mistakes you shouldn't make at IKEA

IKEA - a world of its own. If you know them, nothing can really happen to you. But woe to anyone who makes these 7 rookie mistakes ...

1. Write a shopping list

In no case do you need a shopping list at Ikea. Much more important is the DO NOT BUY list. Who forgets that, has lost. Suddenly he is at home with 7 vases, 30 glasses, the 47th garlic press and really cute sofa cushions and only then notices that his own apartment is only 70 square meters and not 70 hectares.

2. Just before the shop closes, hop in again VERY SHORT

You can do that at EDEKA, at ALDI, at LIDL and in an emergency also at REAL. But IKEA in a hurry is one of those experiences that you don't have to have in life. Just the panic that arises in you when you are suddenly all alone in the carpet department and do not know how many tours are still waiting for you ... Well, in a pinch you at least have a bed if you have to stay overnight.

3. Promise the children that they can go to Småland and then forget their ID

You thought the village disco bouncer was Judge Merciless? Then you have never discussed with a Småland employee whether the children should not be allowed to play exceptionally without the parents' identity check ... They are not allowed to. And never, never!

4. Do not know the dimensions of the trunk and still enter the treasure trove

That really doesn't need any explanation ... Everyone has to experience this once themselves. Emphasis on ONCE.

5. Ignoring the fact that a piece of furniture can consist of several packages

Huh? And where are the cabinet shelves now? ... We'll tell you: In this package with a big 2 on it. That was on the shelf where you found the package with the big 1 on it. Happened to the most seasoned IKEA fans.

6. Think "will fit"

That one wall that you've never measured before, the chest of drawers will definitely fit in there, right? It may make life a little less exciting now, but dressers at IKEA always look smaller than they are. And corners are always a bit bigger from a distance. Not a good mix for pin-and-thumb purchases.

7. Do not shave your legs

Nothing will work today anyway, the stubble on your leg won't bother you? Misjudgment! If you don't have sex after shopping at IKEA together, you've done something wrong. The argument at IKEA (at the latest in the decoration-and-useless-ski-ski-department) is obligatory! If you skip that, you miss the most beautiful side effect of the blue and yellow paradise: reconciliation sex. In the beautiful new bed linen and in the middle of the 42 plush pillows that nobody would have needed ... or maybe on the new kitchen table, which - UPS - unfortunately does not fit into the kitchen.