How to assemble a Thompson submachine gun

Star Trek Online

April 5th is First Contact Day, when the people commemorate their first meeting with the Vulcans.

To celebrate First Contact Day, the Zefram Cochrane Memorial and Historical Museum is holding a special event to re-enact this historic event. This event takes place from April 4th at 5 p.m. CEST until April 11 at 19 CEST on the PC and from April 11th at 5 p.m. CEST untilApril 18th at 19 CEST on Xbox One and PlayStation 4! Participants are invited to come to Bozeman, Montana - the place where the Phoenix, the first spaceship with warp capacity, launched - to create their own replica of the Phoenix to build!

Participating captains will search the area for useful parts, just as Cochrane once did for components for the Phoenix was looking for. From these parts you can then make your own copy of the Phoenix assemble by combining the drive, sheath and stabilizer parts. You'll find these pieces scattered around this recreated historical location. In the shadow of Zefram Cochrane's statue, you have to try to find the best possible parts: The drive makes your model faster, the shell more durable and the stabilizers give you a better flight angle at takeoff.

After you've had a few minutes to get the parts, you never go back to your unfinished models, where you can use leftover components to put the finishing touches on your Phoenix. Then everyone gathers at the missile silo to start the models. The player whose model flies the highest is crowned the winner.

All Captains level 10 and up can attend this event - even Captains from the Klingon Defense Forces and the Romulan Republic are welcome to attend these celebrations as they are held in honor of diversity and the clash of different species.

Your participation unlocks the following rewards:

If you complete the waiting list for the first contact event, you will receive a special voucher for a Zefram Cochrane commemorative hologram (limited to one per day and character). A minimum of four holograms are required to receive a special event prize box. It contains the following:

  • 1 captain specialization point
  • Launch toy rocket
  • Holoemitter - Phoenix Shuttle
  • (NEW!) Thompson submachine gun (replica)

Holoemitter - Phoenix Shuttle

A special holo-emitter for your shuttles and fighters that your ships like the Phoenix looks like. In contrast to the Ferengi devices, this emitter has an unlimited runtime.

Launch toy rocket

Celebrate the historic maiden flight of the Phoenix all year round! You can use this to create a model of the Phoenix set up before you that goes up to heaven.

Thompson submachine gun (replica)

Archaic weapons of this kind have come back into vogue due to some successful holoromania dealing with long-gone periods of the non-violent history of the earth. This specific weapon is cult among fans of the holoroman series "Dixon Hill", who in turn gave their popularity to the former captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Jean-Luc Picard.

Although it is only a replica, this weapon has been completely redesigned (which was probably not a wise decision) in order to be able to be used as a sidearm alongside modern weapons in today's combat situations. It has various fully automatic fire modes.

Bonus project!

For those of you who own additional holograms after receiving the Special Event Prize Box, there will be a recurring Reputation Project that will grant you a box of 100 tokens of your choice. A single voucher is used in each case. This project is only active during the event, so exchange your vouchers in good time!

We hope to meet you all in Bozeman as we celebrate one of the most important historical moments in our galaxy!

Jeremy "BorticusCryptic" Randall
Lead Systems Designer
Star Trek Online


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