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Tournai has about 68,000 inhabitants and is located in Belgium. The capital of Belgium is called Brussels. There is a big square in Tournai, it's called “La Grand-Place” (the big square) and it's beautiful! Tournai also has a bell tower (“beffroi” in French), it is the oldest in Belgium.
There is also a festival in Tournai, that is the carnival. The carnival takes place in March.
Tournai is a quiet city. It has nature, history and many museums. The statue of Martine and Patapouf is in Tournai. Martine is a little girl from a book and the author tells her story.
Tournai also has a famous bridge. It's called "Le Pont des Trous" (Bridge of Holes) and a well-known river, the Escaut.

Audrey is 13 years old and is in fourth grade at the Collège Victor Considérant in Salins les Bains in the east of France.

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