Where can I effectively promote my website

Advertising on the Internet. These 5 possibilities are promising

Everything that falls into the category of advertising on the Internet is united under the term online marketing. And it is precisely this online marketing that takes different forms these days. A self-employed person can advertise his services on his own homepage or via a banner on another website. In addition, there are advertising measures via e-mail or social media. This article reveals what exactly is behind this and who is using which advertising on the Internet and how.

1.) Your own homepage

Of course, it makes sense to use your own homepage for advertising purposes. Those who offer a service present their service portfolio online. The use of testimonials is particularly popular. Satisfied customers make a short statement about cooperation and performance. It also makes sense to show your own works - either via a link or in a project description, ideally with a picture.

Others who sell products often design a webshop that - with proper content - can serve advertising. A bad example is a web shop with monosyllabic product descriptions. The search engine finds these products difficult. This has a negative effect on the ranking. A well-worded product description with keywords, on the other hand, attracts potential customers.

Practical tip: Your own homepage is the online business card of a self-employed person. Design and content are correspondingly important. The design must be kept in the corporate design of the self-employed. In terms of content, the texts must be written in an appealing and informative manner.


2.) Social media marketing is becoming a bigger and bigger channel

If you only think of Facebook when it comes to social media marketing, you only use a fraction of the possible channels for your online marketing. Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, WhatsApp, YouTube, Xing and LinkedIn are other large social networks. There are also numerous industry and product niches that operate with their own networks.

Practical tip: Social media marketing is a science in itself. That is why there is the social media manager who devises a strategy for using social networks as examples. The aim of social media marketing is to turn users into customers. The users are addressed in different ways. On Pinterest via picture, on YouTube via video - to name just two well-known examples.


One form of advertising that is closely linked to social media marketing is influencer marketing. There is a brand ambassador who provides his users with information, product tests, images, videos and other formats relating to a product or a brand. The influencer operates in a special niche and can thus address users who represent the target group of the product 1: 1 with little wastage.

3.) Advertising on third-party websites

There are many different ways of advertising on other people's homepages today. Banner advertising is the online equivalent of advertising in print formats. Banners come in different sizes. They primarily serve to strengthen the brand, because they visualize a product or service with the help of a memorable combination of text and images. Depending on the size of the website on which the banner is placed, the website operator offers the banner space directly or an agency takes over this task.

Practical tip: The banner should ideally state at first glance which company and which product it is about. The key to success here is a high-quality advertisement in the corporate design of the self-employed.


Another advertising option is the placement of Content advertising on a third-party website that addresses the same target group as the self-employed person. Content advertising can be placed as an editorial contribution. The integration of affiliate links in a thematically appropriate specialist article is also a form of content advertising. This form of content advertising is based on a commission model with various billing scenarios.

Practical tip: In order to be able to place an affiliate link, the selection can be made via an affiliate network. Or the self-employed person specifically addresses website operators.


4.) Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is a popular instrument for customer loyalty. The customer receives up-to-date information on offers via email newsletter or is served interesting new articles directly on the virtual silver platter.

Practical tip: Setting up effective email marketing is quite a challenge. Since newsletter recipients often perceive this as annoying or intrusive, it is important not to distribute valuable content with too high a frequency.


5.) Search engine marketing. The supreme discipline with two forms

Search engine marketing plays a special role in online marketing. On the one hand, search engine marketing, or SEM for short, is a way of optimizing the effectiveness of forms of advertising such as content, homepages and web shops. On the other hand, search engine marketing is its own form of advertising that is closely related to the search behavior of the user.

SEM has two forms: search engine advertising (SEA) and search engine optimization (SEO). SEA measures directly cost the marketing budget. At this point, advertising space is bought in the search engine. SEO measures require patience: By optimizing the content on the homepage, which also costs money, a better ranking is achieved in the long term.

Practical tip: Seldom does a company focus on just one approach. While SEA measures serve to selectively advertise an offer or an event, SEO measures are an ongoing process.