Where are Miele vacuum cleaners made

Discussed again and again: where are Miele vacuum cleaners manufactured.

On some models still popped up some time ago made in Chinaon. Now I have the note on a Miele C1 Tango made in CNseen. This also stands for production in China.

But the top models are still made in Germany, as are the model plates on the bottom of the device made in Germanyspecify. On the Miele vacuum cleaners of the C3 series that I saw and also on the popular model S8340 it still says Made in Germany.

Are there any differences?

Yes! You can see, for example, the hose on the cheaper Made in China models, which appears thinner and less flexible. The connecting pieces from the hose to the handpiece and to the device are also simpler than on the models in the S8 and C3 series.

If you look at the materials, there also seem to be other differences in the base plate and the case. But a lot is still of high quality, as is typical of Miele, and the differences are not so great that the China models per se have to be described as bad. Because at a lower price you can also expect somewhat simpler quality. Nevertheless, you still get a good vacuum cleaner that still shows many of the advantages of a Miele. Means: if you want to spend less money, you get one in relation to the purchase price Appropriate appliance with many typical Miele advantages in terms of design and manufacturing quality. At least that's my impression.

However, I would then rather spend 50 euros more and buy a model from the top series, which is simply more robust and durable than the entry-level models and which does not have to do without some typical Miele details.

Five advantages that all Miele have, regardless of whether they are made in China or Germany:

  1. Good castors and good fastening of this with a metal axle (just turn it!)
  2. very very common bags that you can actually buy anywhere and anytime
  3. good accessories, which you can also buy later
  4. good floor nozzles with useful details
  5. very long hose, which makes working with the vacuum cleaner more flexible.
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