Can the Loewendiaet cure cancer

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Intermittent Fasting Carnivore Style - Now there’s BEEF! Easy slimming

Have you ever heard of the “Lion Diet”? The branch belongs to the Carnivore representatives. The exact opposite of the vegans - only animal foods and even more extreme with the Löwen Diet: meat, salt and water. But why not vegetables?

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Intermittent fasting extreme - go with your flow - easy lose weight!

It has now been two years since my first post on Intermittent Fasting 32/1. Since then I have learned a lot about myself and about fasting. Since then I have fasted differently and eat without rules and whatever I feel like, but make sure I consume a lot of protein. I would like to share my new knowledge with you and tell you how and why I have developed further.

Intermittent fasting extreme - go with your flow - easy lose weight! Continue reading
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35 days of fasting - why not doing without heals the body and mind

I started fasting at the beginning of April. This time I did a lot of different things and today I am very happy about every single decision.
In this article I take a critical look at the common fasting tips and instead introduce my own fasting concept, rather than mine Experience taught me new things. I explain how it came about that I fasted for so long and which ones new kind of fasting I've performed.

35 days of fasting - why renouncing the body and mind heals read on
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Easy lemon - saffron - chicken with wild herbs

I was wondering what delicious ketogenic foods can be cooked with saffron. During my research I came across a Persian Saffron Chicken which I slightly modified. The result is juicy chicken in an incredibly delicious sauce with fresh local wild herbs from the forests on the Graz Buchkogel here in Styria. I mainly used stinging nettle, chickweed and ground grass for wild herbs. All three are herbs that grow very abundantly all over Europe. Those who cook for others can supplement the recipe with basmati rice or cauliflower rice, but simply make a little more roast stock so that the sauce can also be poured over the rice.

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