What does Tim Ferriss think of vegetarianism?

Recently in the Götterschmiede

Um, how do I say it through the flower ... for the given occasion and as a further contribution to the successful implementation of our diet change, the man and I decided (contrary to our previous opinion) to take the supplements recommended by Tim Ferriss . So, Uffz, so come on with the nutritional supplements.

Why are we doing this? Because, to be honest, the slow carb thing works really well, it's really tasty and I've lost 2.5 kilos in the past two weeks. And that with 3.5 meals a day, in a good mood and lots of energy. I can hardly believe it myself. After the Brigitte diet, the Weight Watchers (the online program after all) and a failed Adkins attempt, this is an incredible success. And even if I'm a little suspicious (of course) whether this will just go on like this or whether I'm just in a particularly happy hormonal situation, I still have a really good feeling. And that increases trust in Mr. Ferriss and his recommendations. So maybe we should try that with the little vitamins and co.? Can the positive effect possibly be increased? Testing is above studying.

And so I set off yesterday during the lunch break with a special shopping list put together by the man. I had an order:

Garlic capsules

Green tea capsules

Alpha lipoic acid


Where do you get such selected stuffs? Correct: within walking distance in the Muckibude auf'm Kiez. At the bottom of the Reeperbahn there is a shop for people who want to look like a statue of a Greek god, Arni in his prime - or something in between.

Palim-Palim, open the door and you are right in the middle of an absolutely strange world. Shelves full of cans, pots and bottles of all sizes, with strange names and Marzial designs. And behind the counter a golden brown marvel of the body cult. What followed was the best shopping experience I've had in ages. Really.

The charming young sales consultant with thighs like - well - ... (I don't have a comparison. In any case, his jeans were strained to keep all the muscles in check) turned out to be not only extraordinarily eloquent, but also amiable and extremely committed. He had also studied pharmacokinetics.
After I had kindly read the wishes from my shopping list, an absolutely stunning consultation in front of the shelf "for the people who like it of course" followed. Gosh, what do I like it of course, of course.

After 10 minutes the various standard works of nutrition were spread out on the counter and we immersed ourselves in the various active ingredients, suspected and medically proven modes of action. My personal highlight was the work “Steroid Replacement 2006”. What is not there!

After 30 minutes, I left the store with various jars and pots as well as two pill boxes (free, that's clearly no) and (again) in a great mood. And one more thing is clear: I'll be back.

This is the prey - looks dangerous, but consists of purely natural things: