Who can't die

Translation of "kann nicht die" in English

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can't die
The truth is me can't die.
He can't die, Daryl is a robot.
Who does not belong to the living, who can't die.
We are not among the living, and so we cannot die.
I can't dieEven if I'm bleeding
But you said Ben can't diebecause he still has to grow up and become the leader of others.
But you said Ben couldn't the because he still has to grow up and become the leader of the others.
Listen, Benton can't die.
My babysitter, him can't die.
Wait a minute, me can't die.
Gaius, me can't die.
Please me can't die.
Mysterion can't die and iron maiden is indestructible ...
Mysterion can't die and iron maiden is indestructible ...
I can't die, when I look at you.
But I can't diewithout telling you that you are the first man I wanted to give myself completely to.
I. can't die without letting you know you're the first man I could share myself with completely.
But he can't die, correct?
Max, I'll get shot and me can't diewhen there's bad blood between us.
Max, I'm about to be shot, and I can't die with bad blood between us.
I can't die, not in this city.
Well me can't diewithout trying a $ 50 tequila, so two.
Well, I can't die without trying a $ 50 shot of tequila, so two.
Vandell can't die and there are neither action scenes - except in the comic picture inserts - nor a game over.
Vandell cannot die and there are also no action sequences - except in the comics - and no game over.
The LOVE that you are can't die... because death is an illusion.
The LOVE that you are cannot die... for death is an illusion.
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