Make all overweight and obese people binge

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What does binge eating mean?

"Binge" means "to loop". Sufferers also suffer from binge eating
from regular food cravings. Unlike bulimia
However, those affected do not take any countermeasures after eating attacks.
You do not vomit or starve, and you do not go to extremes
Exercise to lose weight.
The binge eating disorder is mostly associated with being overweight or obese
(Obesity). But that doesn't mean people with
Overweight or obese automatically suffer from binge eating. And
Even people of normal weight can develop binge eating disorder
get sick.
So far, binge eating is one of the mentally related eating disorders
least explored.

Do women get binge eating disorder more often than men?

Little data is available on this. These suggest that the
Binge eating disorder is less common in men than in women. Indeed
this eating disorder is much more common in men than others
Eating disorder.

How common is binge eating?

Binge eating affects around one to three percent of the population.
Out of 100 overweight people who want to lose weight and
therefore consult a doctor, 15 to 30 have a binge-eating

At what age does binge eating disorder occur?

Eating disorders can occur at any age. The binge eating disorder
usually occurs in early adulthood or around mid-life the first
Times up.
Children can also suffer from binge eating. The full clinical picture
however, binge eating disorder is rare in them.

How many overweight people have binge eating disorder?

People with binge eating disorder take action after the binge eating
no measures to lose weight again. That is why they are very often
slightly or very overweight. But that doesn't mean that all people
who are overweight suffer from binge eating. By those who participate in weight loss programs
around 15 to 30 percent have this disorder.

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