What are examples of credentials

Manage saved data connection credentials

In Tableau Online, you can manage saved credentials on the Account Settings page. Saved credentials allow you to connect to a data source without being prompted for your credentials. The credentials stored for your connection can be OAuth access tokens or other credentials such as username and password.

On Tableau Server, you can find and manage credentials in the Saved Credentials section on the Account Settings page, if your server administrator has allowed you to save them.

Note: If you don't see the Saved Credentials section, ask your Tableau Server administrator to give you permission to save credentials.

Remove saved credentials

To remove Tableau access to data, delete the associated saved credentials for that data from your account.

After deleting the login information, you will need to log in to the data the next time you access it. This will create new saved credentials.

Your administrator may allow all users to use the same shared credentials to connect to a data source. In this case, the saved credentials will be associated with the data connection for all users and will not appear under Saved Credentials on the Account Settings page.

Note: If you are a Tableau Server user and you cannot clear your saved credentials, check with your administrator to see if they have disabled the Allow users to save data source access tokens option in the server settings.

Test connections using saved credentials

If the connector supports test functionality, you can test the connection using saved credentials.

  1. View the Account Settings page while signed in to Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

  2. In the Saved Credentials section, click the Review link next to the saved connection that you want to review.

This test confirms that Tableau Online or Tableau Server can access your account using the appropriate saved credentials. If you cannot access your data over this managed connection despite successful verification, confirm that the credentials you provided for the connection are suitable for accessing your data.

If you accidentally connected to your personal Gmail account but are accessing a Google Analytics database through a different account, you will need to delete your saved credentials and log into the data with the appropriate Gmail account.

Delete all saved credentials

If you select the Delete all saved credentials option, the following items will be removed from your user account:

  • Any saved connection credentials that are saved in your account.

    Attention: If such saved credentials are saved with published workbooks or data sources, access to the data sources from these locations is no longer possible. This effectively changes the design of the environment in which the affected stored credentials are used.

  • Passwords that you used to access published data extracts or related workbooks.