How do I become an affiliate

The 11 best affiliate programs at a glance

What commission models are there in affiliate marketing?

Not just the height, but also that Type of commission varies depending on the individual affiliate program. Common commission models are:
  • Cost-per-click,
  • Cost-per-lead
  • and cost-per-sale.

At the Cost-per-click (CPC) the publisher receives a fixed fee for each click of the user on the merchant's website. The merchant bears the risk of whether the forwarded visitors actually lead to leads or sales.

Cost-per-lead on the other hand, there is a remuneration model in which the publisher is only rewarded when the users carry out certain target actions, such as providing their personal data and thus making it usable for the merchant.

At the Cost-per-sale model The publisher bears the greatest risk: He is only paid for advertising if there are actually sales on the merchant's website.

The form of remuneration "Lifetime commission“Is popular: Here the publisher receives payments at regular intervals. Similar to the CPS model, a distribution is made when the referred customer makes a first purchase. However, if there are follow-up purchases, the publisher benefits again - as long as the referred customer continues to generate sales.

The Best Affiliate Programs: A Comparison of 11 Affiliate Programs

Below we give an overview of the most famous Affiliate programs and their characteristics:

1. HubSpot

commission (Cost-per-Sale): Up to $ 1000 per product

Cookie lifetime: 90 days

HubSpot wants to help companies get better and grow. The easy-care all-in-one software for marketing, sales and customer service already supports thousands of companies in offering their customers the best possible customer experience. In HubSpot's own partner program, the amount of the commission depends on the product category.

The gradations are here:

  • Starter: 250 euros
  • Professional: 500 euros and
  • Enterprise: 1,000 euros.
Depending on what and how much your recruited customer buys, the amount of your commission is determined. Accordingly, it is quite possible to make $ 3,000 with a single customer, provided that they acquire the entire HubSpot suite.


commission (Lifetime): 20 percent

Cookie lifetime: 60 days

The marketing tool XOVI already helps more than 3,000 customers with the implementation and optimization of online marketing measures. The provider attracts with an attractive remuneration: For each placement, publishers in the lifetime version are rewarded monthly with a commission of 20 percent per customer.


commission (Cost-per-Sale): Up to 40 percent or 50 euros for bookings

Cookie lifetime: On-session tracking using your own affiliate ID.

Also come in the travel industry Affiliate programs for use: The global market leader for digital accommodation booking offers a partner program. Publishers can choose between two remuneration models.

The ability to customize the offer is also evident elsewhere: Affiliate partner can choose for themselves which accommodations they would like to advertise.

4. Shutterstock

commission (Cost-per-sale): 20 percent

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

The Shutterstock digital stock photo and video library makes collaboration attractive for publishers, primarily because of the high sales volume and average order value on the platform. The Affiliate program from Shutterstock also impresses with a user-friendly API and a large selection of banners.

5. Kinsta

commission (Cost-per-Sale + Lifetime): Up to $ 500 + 10 percent monthly

Cookie lifetime: 60 days

Fast and secure managed WordPress hosting provider Kinsta takes care of all kinds of customer needs WordPress websites. If you partner with Kinsta, as a publisher you will receive a profit sharing of 50 to 500 dollars, depending on the rate at which you have acquired new customers. Then you can expect a recurring monthly payment of 10 percent as long as the customers stay.

6. SEMRush

commission (Lifetime): 40 percent

Cookie lifetime: ten years

SEMRushs Affiliate program is called BeRush and advertises with a recurring commission of 40 percent. The SaaS company specializes in SEO and tools for the Competitive analysis in digital marketing.

Particularly noteworthy about this partner program is the generous one Lifespan of the cookies: These will be with you for a full ten years. In addition, the strong tracking can even understand if a user you referred cancels their subscription and returns within a decade. In this case you will receive your commission again.

7. ConversionBoosting ANALYZE

commission (Cost-per-Sale): Up to 25 percent; Lifetime: 10 percent

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

ConversionBoosting enables a comprehensive analysis of websites, landing pages and online shops and can therefore make recommendations for more conversion. In addition to the cost-per-sale remuneration for sale eLearning courses, publishers also receive a lifetime remuneration of 10 percent for successful placement on the ANALYZE platform.

8. Wix

commission (Cost-per-lead): $ 100 per premium customer

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

The Wix website builder makes it easy to create and manage web projects. For the Affiliates Special conditions apply: The publisher should arrange three contracts per month. The more productive you are, the more you earn - Wix advertises unlimited payouts.

9. FinanceScout24

commission (Cost per sale): 30 euros

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

If you take a look at the financial sector, FinanceScout24, for example, is a Affiliate program at. Because the trust factor plays a major role in the success of advertising measures, especially with finance portals - by belonging to the Scout24 Group, publishers can recommend FinanceScout24 with a clear conscience and, if successful, enjoy attractive remuneration.

10. Tariff check

commission (Cost-per-Sale): Up to 75 euros; Cost-per-lead: different; Lifetime: different

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

Users who want to compare prices will find what they are looking for in the online tariff check portal: All possible deals are compared here, from insurance to loans to electricity and gas. A free tariff calculator provides the bargain hunters with quick answers.

Affiliates are paid differently depending on the product category and remuneration model: You will receive the highest (direct) commission of 100 euros if you generate a lead for a specific private health insurance, 50 euros is for a concluded accident insurance and for a concluded occupational disability insurance there is 25 Euros per lead.

11. N26

commission (Cost per sale): 45 euros

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

The German online bank N26 has specialized in account management via mobile. It now offers its 3.5 million customers a free current account, which they can manage completely in the associated app. Push messages as well as the simple login via fingerprint or face recognition are part of the innovative offer.

Affiliates can look forward to 45 euros for each new customer referred. Given the rapid growth and the great media attention that the company receives, this shouldn't be too difficult.

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