Donald Trump was a wrestler

It started long before the CNN video - Donald Trump's Insane Wrestling Career

Head to head. Good versus evil. What does not please will be blown away.

Wrestling is the toughest show in the world - and it has a very special mega fan: Donald Trump (71).

The US President demonstrated his love for tough show sport over the weekend. So he tweeted a video in which he hit the CNN logo. His form of criticism of the American media.

At the end of the video, in which the beating scene is repeated several times, the FNN logo and the name “Fraud News Network” appear.

It is no coincidence that he uses a wrestling video as a template for his media criticism.

Because Trump is not just a fan and a good friend of the most powerful wrestling boss in the world, Vince McMahon (71) - inside his heart Trump is a wrestler.

He mobs, insults, shoots sharply at his opponents - with a big mouth. Just like a wrestler, a bad wrestler (called "heel" in wrestling language)! Because Trump doesn't care about the rules. And he invents his own reality. A reality in which the observer asks himself: is it real or just pretend?

He loves the resentment of his haters and the love of his loyal fans.

Donald Trump is THE wrestler among politicians.

► BILD shows the crazy wrestling career of the most powerful man in the world!

That's behind the scandal video

80,000 cheering and screaming spectators, testosterone everywhere. And in the middle of it all, two older men fight for the honor - and their hair!

It's the 23rd edition of WrestleMania - the biggest wrestling show in the world. We write that in 2007. Right in the heart of the USA (Detroit) - right in the middle of it Donald Trump.

Trump can be seen more often on the weekly TV shows of the WWE at the time (according to the storyline he even owned the WWE show "RAW" for a week) and is in a feud with WWE owner Vince McMahon.

While the stars of the WWE play a role in front of the cameras (good or bad), Trump remains true to himself. HE plays himself - or the person he thinks he is. A clever, smart businessman - with a heart of gold.

Of course his self-loving sayings should not be missing. But at the end of the day, he's on the side of the common people. To demonstrate this, he even gives money to fans on TV shows.

Trump plays the patron. And the WWE lets him play.

Anyone who experienced Trump as part of the wrestling world at the time is not surprised by the President's appearances today. Big mouth - everything for the little people. That's how he actually sees himself. Whether in the White House or in the wrestling ring.

Back to 2007: A match between the two self-loving billionaires is inevitable. But since Trump is not a trained wrestler, two WWE stars are supposed to fight for Trump and McMahon at WrestleMania: Umaga for McMahon and Bobby Lashley for Trump. The commitment to the match is big and hairy. Because the one whose wrestler loses loses his hair.

The match, which will go down in wrestling history as the "Battle of the Billionaires", is no treat. Hardly any fan will know how exactly Lashley was able to defeat his opponent in the end.

► What has stood the test of time, however, are three scenes:

1. Donald Trump hits his enemy Vince McMahon with a clothesline at the end of the match (this served as a template for his “CNN criticism”).

2. After the match (Trump's wrestler wins), Vince McMahon's head is shaved in the ring.

3. The grand finale: At the end, Trump conceded a “Stone Cold Stunner” from audience favorite “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

The crowd cheers. Trump's hair is sitting. Zack!

Even if the audience is happy that Donald got a couple on his hat, Donald Trump and his buddy Vince McMahon have the biggest laughs on their faces at the end of the evening.

Because the appearance makes headlines around the world. The PR coup of the two billionaires, who have been friends for more than 20 years, has succeeded.

Even today people talk about the crazy appearance. Thanks Trump.

How it all started ...

However, the collaboration between Donald Trump and the WWE began much earlier, in the 1980s.

With WrestleMania 1, WWE (then WWF) started its triumphal march around the world in 1985. Even then, the owner of the league was called Vince McMahon. He lined up the biggest stars of the wrestling scene (including Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper), put them in a show with musicians (Cyndi Lauper), actors (Mr. T) and famous athletes (Muhammad Ali) - with success.

Even today, the “WrestleMania” brand, together with the Superbowl, is one of the most successful individual sport events in the world.

Donald Trump also played his part in this. Because in 1988 he hosted the spectacle. WrestleMania 4 took place in the Convention Hall of Atlantic City - the player's paradise on the American east coast, which Trump wanted to make a second Las Vegas.

This show was also a financial success, which is why the WWE and Trump decided to try again a year later and play WrestleMania 5 again in Trump's casino. A unique thing in now 32 years of WrestleMania. And proof of the deep trust and mutual respect between Trump and McMahon.

Would you like an up-to-date proof of the friendship between the two?

Donald Trump only follows 45 accounts on Twitter - including his own children, his companies and hotels. And Vince McMahon. Best buddies.

But it gets even better. In 2013, Donald Trump was even inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

He stands in a row with wrestling legends like Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan or Andre The Giant and thus has his own profile page on the official WWE homepage.

Trump is taboo on the WWE shows

But in recent years, the WWE has no longer bet on the Trump card in its shows. The risk of messing with the global audience is too great. On the one hand, the WWE wants to win fans all over the world (including in Muslim countries) - on the other hand, her good friend in the Oval Office forgets it.

Therefore, the support for Trump takes place outside of the colorful TV shows.

The McMahon family financed Donald Trump's election campaign with six million dollars.

It paid off. Because Donald Trump has reciprocated. Many years ago, McMahon brought his friend into the WWE ring - now Trump has brought a McMahon into his administration.

Because Linda McMahon (68, wife of Vince McMahon) was appointed by Trump in his cabinet. Since January she has been the head of the Small Business Administration, an agency that supports small and medium-sized enterprises.

Wrestling and Politics. Apparently one and the same for Trump. A show. Good versus evil. And he's the star. The champion.

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