What are the cons of eating chicken

Don't eat eggs! These 7 reasons tell you why.

1. Avoidance of salmonella

Salmonella are natural intestinal inhabitants of poultry that are excreted with the faeces and can easily get onto eggs in this way. They can cause severe intestinal diseases, especially in people with a weak immune system, such as children or the elderly.

2. No eggs, no cholesterol

It is now controversial whether eggs should be avoided completely if the cholesterol level is high, but egg consumption should also be reduced, according to many doctors. However, eating eggs does not harm healthy people and does not necessarily increase their cholesterol levels. However, a balanced vegan diet without eggs means lowering cholesterol levels, since plant-based foods do not contain cholesterol. Avoiding eggs can therefore have a positive health effect on people at risk. A vegan diet means that deposits that have built up in the hearts of heart patients over the course of decades begin to break down within a year.

3. Residues in the egg

Today's laying chickens are fed medication and supplements in order to achieve a higher laying performance. If that is anything but natural, the absorbed substances such as antibiotics must be broken down again. According to this, there may be residues of antibiotics or antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the eggs of the chickens, which are harmful to humans.

4. Keeping chickens is not a paradise

The keeping conditions are often anything but morally justifiable, regardless of whether they are barn, free-range or organic. Letting six to nine animals run on one square meter and allowing them a short “free run” in order to then steal their eggs every day can be perceived as dubiously “animal friendly”.

5. Against the death of chicks

We don't want 50 million male chicks to die so we can eat eggs. Not eating eggs also means not supporting methods such as sex, pricking beak, and others.

6. No, the egg does not always come from the farmer next door

Many people think they only buy "good" eggs from the farmer next door and they can be eaten without any problems as they will not harm the chicken. Eggs are everywhere, regardless of whether they are bought in biscuits, cakes, soup bags, etc. It is precisely these eggs that often come from the worst housing conditions! Many do not consider that the farmer's chicken also turns into a soup chicken as soon as it no longer lays eggs and thus does not even reach half of its natural age.

7. The chickens need their own eggs.

Small chicks are born from the eggs, and if they don't, chickens eat their own eggs to regain important nutrients that are lost in egg-laying. By stealing the eggs, we force the chicken to lay new ones and thus expose it to unnecessarily high stress factors.

Regardless of the reasons for choosing not to use eggs and other animal products, this decision always has positive consequences for your health. A balanced vegan diet has all sorts of advantages and no animals have to suffer for their own well-being anymore. However, we do not want to forego good food, but instead consciously opt for cruelty-free "fried eggs", cakes, etc. Of course, everything is purely vegetable!

- JL

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