Sweet potatoes are good for weight loss

Lose weight with sweet potato water: this is how it works!

Sweet potatoes are not only really tasty. The inconspicuous tubers are tooperfect for losing weight. Because they containmany important nutrients, fill you up and have few calories. According to the CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest), the sweet potato is actually the healthiest vegetable ever.

Ingredients of the sweet potato

What makes the tubers so valuable in a diet is yourssuper healthy ingredients. They contain moreBeta carotene than any other vegetable. With just 100 grams you can already supply your body with the daily needs.

Also included arePotassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamins A, E and C.

Calories and nutritional values

They are particularly interesting for everyone who wants to lose weightCalories of sweet potato. 100 grams contain around 127 kcal. Compared to normal potatoes (around 77 kcal / 100 grams) that is not a small amount.

The blood sugar regulating effect of the sweet potato

But the "Batate" takes care of herblood sugar regulating effect nevertheless, that those who want to lose weight quickly shed the pounds. Because the sweet potato has you very muchlow glycemic index - namely 50 um.

This value provides information about how quickly the blood sugar level rises and falls again after consuming a food. The faster that is the case, the faster we get hungry again.If a food has a low glycemic index, we stay full longer.

With fiber to the dream figure

Speaking of full: it's not just the glycemic index that ensures that we stay out of the refrigerator for longer after eating sweet potatoes. Namely, they also contain speciallots of fiber. These largely indigestible food components have a positive effect on oursDigestion and the intestinal flora out.

Always eat sweet potatoes with peel

But that's not all. Dietary fiber also ensures that ourFeeling of satiety lasts longer. Tip: To get the most out of the fiber content in sweet potatoes, you should eat the vegetablesalways best to eat with the shell.

Another plus: the sweet potato also containshardly any fat, but for thata lot of potassium. That is again for theFluid balance responsible in the body and ensures that excess water does not remain in the body.

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