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"He loves the game": Why Joe Biden is now indulging in a Trump hobby

We know these pictures all too well from Joe Biden's predecessor in office: Donald Trump loved the golf course and, even as the incumbent US President, had himself constantly photographed on the green lawn. In the four years of his presidency, Trump played no fewer than 300 golf times - always in his own clubs and also in the middle of the Corona crisis or at a time when his challenger was declared the election winner. He had always strongly criticized his predecessor Barack Obama, who only played half as often, for his hobby: "While our wonderful President plays golf all day, our transport security agency is falling apart - just like the whole government," Trump blasphemed during the election campaign 2016.

The fact that US presidents golf is nothing new, of course. President Dwight D. Eisenhower swung the bat regularly, and John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon also played a round on occasion. George W. Bush, like his father, indulged in American popular sport. And as we now see, the incumbent US president is also a supporter of the ultimate power game in Washington. However, the Democrat allowed a certain grace period to pass before he appeared on the square.

Three months after taking office, Biden has now allowed himself a break on the golf course for the first time. In his hometown of Wilmington he met on Saturday for a game with his advisor Steve Ricchetti and the father-in-law of his son Beau, who died in 2015, Ron Olivere. The members of the private golf club watched the arrival of the President's motorcade with some astonishment and put the club aside for a moment to watch Biden. Some took out their cell phones to film the 78-year-old president while he was passing his time.

It was the first time many US residents learned that Biden even played golf. “He loves the game,” Wilmington golf course architect Robert Trent Jones told Morning Read golf website. "He's just not that kind of self-promoter," he said, referring to Biden's predecessor, Trump. He not only plays golf very often, but also cheats regularly, according to several playing partners. The journalist Rick Reilly has written an entire book about it. It is entitled: “The man who cannot lose”.