How many hundreds of thousands make a million

Cardinal numbers - the basic German numbers

Special features of 1, 101, 1001 etc.

The number 1 can be changed in German.

  • We use a numerical word without a noun one.
    One and one is two.
    We'll meet at the train station.
    The number itself can be used as a noun and capitalized.
    I got an A in German.
    I don't like the one because I often don't know which shape to use.
  • For times we use either an hour or one.
    We'll meet at one o'clock at the train station.
    We'll meet at one at the train station.
  • We use before nouns a… in the inflected form.
    This is a dog (m)/a guinea pig (n)/a cat (f). (Nominative)
    I haveonedog(m)/aGuinea pig(n)/acat(f). (Accusative)
    Are you afraid of a dog (m)/ a guinea pig (n)/ a cat (f)? (Dative)
    That's a dog's hair (m)/ of a guinea pig (n)/ a cat (f). (Genitive)

We use the numbers 101, 1001 etc. without nouns one.

one hundred (and) one, one thousand (and) one

If 101, 1001 etc. are in front of a noun, we have three options: