Is Steam down

Is steam down? Show server status

If Steam stops working or stops in the middle of the game, the Steam servers are probably down. Here's how to check the status of the Steam servers.

When the Steam server is down, others cannot access Steam either. But first check whether your Internet works, for example by opening any website in the browser.

Steam server down? Here's how to find out

Method 1:

  1. Opens the website
  2. On the right you can see the German Steam server and its status.
  3. A problem is indicated in red.
  4. If everything is written in green, everything is fine.

Method 2:

  1. Opens the website allestö
  2. You can see current and past Steam malfunctions using the diagram below.
  3. On the lower live map you can also see in which region the Steam problems occur.
Alternatively, you can look at the official Steam statistics of the simultaneous Steam users. If you see a rapid drop there within the last 48 hours, this can be a sign that the Steam servers were down. However, if the problems only affected certain areas or if these are not live statistics, it may be that Steam server problems cannot be identified.

Steam server offline for maintenance

If the Steam server needs to be serviced, you will be informed in advance with a Steam message. You may have just ignored, forgotten or suppressed this message.

Steam server with connection problems

From time to time there can also be connection problems if many people download a certain game at the same time or meet in multiplayer for a certain game. Steam servers can then be overloaded until the server load has been distributed differently or until fewer people are playing.

In recent years, Steam itself has been down relatively rarely. Connectivity issues are more likely with popular online multiplayer games.

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