Who is the most beautiful transgender in the world

Pattaya: Valentina is the most beautiful trans woman in the world


The most beautiful transgender woman was chosen in Thailand. "This victory is for all of you," said the winner.

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21 participants competed for the title of "Miss International Queen" on Saturday. Many of them come from Southeast Asia, but countries such as France, Norway and Brazil were also represented. The applicants presented themselves on the stage in evening dresses, bathing suits and costumes intended to represent their home country.

The jury was most impressed by Valentina Fluchaire from Mexico. She was crowned the winner of the competition by last year's winner from the USA. Second and third place went to Ariella Moura from Brazil and Ruethaipreeya Buanglee from Thailand. Fluchaire dedicated her victory to all trans women in Latin America: "This is for all of you," she said.

Fever measurements before the competition

The transgender beauty pageant took place for the fifteenth time and is the largest of its kind in the world. Admitted are 18 to 35-year-olds who were assigned to the male gender at birth. It does not matter whether you have already made the gender reassignment to a woman or not.

Because of the corona virus, the competition took place under tightened security precautions: The venue was completely disinfected the day before the event and there were temperature checks for the participants. The organizers also appealed: Those who do not feel well should stay at home.