Supplements are safe

Supplementary sentences

All the examples shown so far have one thing in common. Either pronouns (me, me, ...), names (Martina, Köln, ...) or nouns (music) are used as supplements. Occasionally it happens that a whole issuecan stand as a supplement. Individual pronouns, names or nouns are replaced by a whole sentence. A sentence completion is most often used in place of a nominative, accusative, or prepositional addition.


position 1Position 2Position 3end
Nominativeverbaccusativeend of sentence


In the example shown, "the" the Nominative addition. "That" is representative here for a factthat we do not yet know because the facts, the information, have not yet been told to us. Only when "that" is indicated by a content / sentence (= factual situation) does the situation become clear:


position 1Position 2Position 3end
Nominativeverbaccusativeend of sentence
That you the German exam have passed,pleasedmevery.


  • In the example shown, it is a Subject sentence.
  • The "the"is omitted and is replaced by a complete sentence.
  • The new state of affairs is referred to as a subject clause because it is in the nominative.
  • Sentence supplements in the nominative are often followed by the conjunction "that"initiated.
  • that-sentences are Subordinate clauses (NS).
  • The sentence completion forms in the main clause (HS) a position (NS, verb)
  • The subordinate clause starts with a comma ( , ) completed.
  • In subordinate clauses, the conjugated verbat the end of the sentence posed.