How do swimmers get such torn bodies

Swimming: fat burner with a relaxation factor

What does swimming mean as a sport?

When we talk about swimming, we don't mean splashing about in the swimming lake or in the water park. There are clean swimming movements in the water meant. Different ways bring your body into shape:

The classic breaststroke

To get started in swimming, we recommend the breaststroke. Once you have mastered this technique, it will be easier for you to get into the other styles. Then you are used to the movement in the cool water and you can already cope better with the controlled breathing. As with any type of swimming, the following applies: The shallower you lie in the water, the lower the water resistance and you slide more fluently. Breaststroke swimming as a sport is not comparable to swimming, which we learn in childhood. At the beginning of your swimming career, you should treat yourself to a few hours of training so that you can do the right thing right away.

Looking up: backstroke

Do you discover backstroke for yourselves, you give your back muscles a huge pleasure. Like no other sport, the spine is spared and the surrounding muscles are trained. You can swim backstroke at either a slow or a fast pace. At the beginning you should definitely memorize the technique correctly before you get faster in your movements. Swimmers like to make the mistake of having their buttocks hanging in the water like a sack of potatoes. Make sure you have a straight posture of your entire body in order to train as effectively as possible in the water. After just a few swimming units, you will notice a better posture.

Really sporty: crawl

Do you also think that crawling swimmers always immediately look like absolute professionals? In fact, you can also master the swimming technique after a few hours of swimming training. In addition to the clean execution, correct breathing is particularly important here. Especially at the beginning you can quickly get out of step. In any case, it is worth booking a trainer to get started, who will observe your style closely and improve you directly if a few movements are not really right.