Which is better tea or cigarette

Green tea cigarettes: will it be safe to smoke soon?

Company founder and acupuncturist Ranko Tutulugdzija took over the method, which has been used in Vietnam for decades, of using rolled green tea leaves to quit smoking. The idea behind it is to give a smoker the feeling of pulling, inhaling and blowing out associated with the cigarette, without adding the harmful substances such as nicotine. By switching to the green tea variant, those affected would continue to smoke, but the physical nicotine addiction would gradually decrease until it completely disappears. When that happens, stop smoking a habit and not a physical addiction more, and can be left completely, so Tutulugdzija.

Addiction and health experts are not really convinced of the method, because When green tea is burned, pollutants such as tar and carbon monoxide are also released and inhaled, and that is precisely what makes smoking extremely harmful. In addition, nicotine (in contrast to green tea) ensures the release of the happiness hormone dopamine in the brain, and doing without this hormone makes it difficult for smokers to keep their hands off the tobacco cigarette they are used to. Therefore, based on long-term studies with former smokers, the experts recommend a combination of nicotine patches and behavioral therapy in order to permanently quit. Since the green tea cigarette so far anyway not available in Germany is, the Qualmer will have to fall back on the tried and tested methods of smoking cessation ...