What makes something valuable

What makes products valuable

Mario Pricken, owner of the consulting firm Innovation Directors, has written a book about the value of products. He investigated the question of why some products are valuable to us and others are not. From this he developed a guideline in which he lists and examines 80 parameters that make appear a little more valuable.

Apple's slogan “If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone” shows the overarching recognition that the value of a product is in the eye of the beholder. Only the importance we give a product determines its value. If we do not see any relevance for us in a product, it has no subjective value for us either. "Products are created in companies, values ​​in mind," says Pricken. Why do women spend 400 euros on Jimmy Choo shoes? Why does someone smoke a Cohiba and why do people collect expensive watches or get excited about fuel-guzzling, fast cars?

Against interchangeability

“The majority of companies take refuge on the safe side and add their products to a wide range of the ordinary. However, we don't need more of the same thing; what is needed are courageous products whose intrinsic value is desired by people, ”writes Pricken.

After all, the author identifies 80 parameters that make products valuable. These include: creation myths, uniqueness, handicraft, rule breaks, prohibitions, rumors, scarcity, timelessness, rituals and a high price. The more such parameters a product combines, the more valuable it becomes in the eyes of potential buyers. Let's take the example of the iPhone again: the myth of its origins, rule breaking, rumors, scarcity and a high price. This is generally true: what costs nothing is worthless.

Pricken has carefully analyzed more than 300 products, objects and events over their entire life cycle and reveals the patterns that make things particularly valuable. In addition, the book offers a comprehensive catalog of questions as a trigger for your own ideas in order to give products the aura that triggers desire. The work is an innovation book for creative thought leaders from product development, marketing, design, events or art as well as exciting reading material for everyone who appreciates valuable things and wants to understand what makes these products special. With this book, Pricken offers inspiration, entertainment and a completely new perspective on the creation, marketing and acquisition of particularly sought-after products. (-ap)

The Aura of Valuable by Marco Pricken, Publicis Publishing, ISBN 978-3895784385, €