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Chinese characters:

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墨西哥 (Moxige / Mòxīgē) consists of the following characters: 墨 (mo), 西 (xi), 哥 (ge)
The traditional Chinese characters ("traditional characters") of Mòxīgē are with the modern characters shown above ("abbreviations") identical.
Chinese example pinyin sentence with 墨西哥 (Moxige / Mòxīgē) How to write correctly in pinyin
Before using this example sentence from Pinyin, please keep in mind that when communicating in writing, the chinese characters should always be your first choice.
If this is not possible, you should preferably use the pinyin phonetic transcription with tone signals. On the spelling without tone you should only use it if there is no other option (for example, writing an SMS from / to a mobile phone that cannot use special characters such as ā, í, ŏ, ù)

Tamen zai Moxige shuo shenme yuyan?
Tāmen zài Mòxīgē shuō shénme yŭyán?

- German meaning: What language do they speak in Mexico?

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