Why do I want to hit someone


Generic terms
  • ↗extinguish murder ↗ kill ↗ assassin dead ... ↗kill · to kill ● to cut (someone) (the) thread of life fig. · To extinguish (someone) the light of life fig., Variable · convey into the hereafter fig. · ↗kill (intentionally) main form · silence fig. · Hunt down fig. · To finish off (someone) inf. · M to kill in. · To serve in inf., Casually, fig. · ↗nipsen coll., Fig., Casually · ↗entleiben go. · Send into the eternal hunting grounds coll., Fig. · Bite the grass inf., Fig. · To bring into nirvana coll. · Machen to make cold coll. · ↗ to kill coll. · To bring around a corner coll., Fig. · ↗ to knock down coll. · To be promoted from life to death. · To jump over the blade coll., Fig.