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When is the trip to Australia worthwhile? All information on climate and weather!

Australia is bigger than Europe. Accordingly, there is no “best travel time” for the whole country. A distinction is made for each region. Therefore, I have summarized all my knowledge and experience after three months in Australia and author Isa's experience after four weeks on the east coast.

Are you planning a trip to the sun-drenched country of Australia? Do you dream of paradisiacal beaches, azure blue water, adventures in the outback, snorkeling on world-famous reefs or visiting Uluru?

But when is the best time to visit Australia?

So with yourAustralia vacation nothing goes wrong, I took a closer look at the climate and weather for Australia. Before my 3-month road trip in Australia, I dealt extensively with it, consulted with the Australian Tourist Office and shared my experiences with you here. Who wants to spend their annual vacation in the rain, half freeze to death in a camper at night or bother with annoying mosquitoes?

My advice: Avoid December and January in the Australian summer. Then it's high season, because Australians themselves are on vacation and travel to the “cooler” regions. Europeans also regularly flee to Australia to escape the winter. The accommodations, rental cars and campers are often fully booked a long time in advance, and prices are then more expensive.

Also, avoid Easter and Australian holidays. The same experiences apply here as at Christmas and the months of December and January. At Easter and the holidays around it, we had great problems finding accommodation or a place on the campsite. Since we traveled spontaneously, we had to book some of the last available and completely overpriced accommodations.

Travel outside the main season.

Ideal months to travel to Australia

You can't say that across the board, because it depends on where you want to go. Do you want to go on a road trip? If so, in which region? Therefore, I have summarized the best travel times for the respective regions in this article.

Peak season in Australia: Around Christmas up to three weeks later, Christmas holidays or summer holidays in Australia. Easter is also the main travel time. Campers are often fully booked, motels as well as campsites.

Climate and seasons

Like New Zealand, Australia is located in the southern hemisphere. Therefore, the seasons are exactly the opposite of ours. When summer brightens our hearts, it could be snowing in southernmost Australia - e.g. Tasmania.

Due to the size of Australia, there is no one best travel time for all of Australia but only for certain regions. In the Australian winter (June - August), a trip to Darwin or Cairns can be particularly useful due to the subtropical / tropical climate in the north. If you are more interested in the south coast or Tasmania, then the summer months (December - February) are particularly recommended.

If you want to escape the heat a bit, you can travel south in the Australian winter months. This also has the advantage that you can avoid the biggest tourist crowds a bit.

The seasons in Australia are exactly the opposite of ours:

  • Spring: September - November
  • Summer: December - February
  • Autumn: March - May
  • Winter: June - August

How is the weather in Australia?

The weather in Australia varies a lot, depending on which climate zone you are in:

  • North coast - tropical climate
  • East and west coast - subtropical climate
  • South coast - temperate climate
  • Center - semi-arid to arid climate

As soon as you leave the coastal regions of Australia, the climate is predominantly very dry. This applies to about 4/5 of the total area of ​​Australia. Therefore you have to expect temperatures of over 40 degrees and rarely rain showers (<250 mm / year).

Best time to visit Outback & Red Center

If you want to travel to the red heart of Australia, I recommend the months up to June. Even if May - October is given as the best travel time, I advise you to avoid the real winter. Why? I assume that you will be traveling with a camper without auxiliary heating, insulation and warm down comforters - like us, by the way. Then you will be bitterly cold at night. I have never been so frozen on a trip as I am here. Temperatures below 0 degrees are not uncommon.

Therefore, I advise you to visit the Red Center around April to mid-May if you are traveling with a rental camper without warm blankets like us.

The positive: During the day the temperatures are often (not always) very pleasant as soon as the sun shines. Between 12 and 22 degrees you warm up and go hiking around the Uluru around (Base Walk), at Kata Tjuta or that Kings Canyon (Kings Canyon Rim Walk) enjoyable. In midsummer, these places are often closed from 9 a.m. due to the high heat (over 40 degrees). An exploration is then only possible very early in the morning.

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Best time to visit Northern Territory

The northernmost region of Australia with Arnhem Land is one of the most beautiful. A visit is particularly worthwhile in the months of May to October. Because then it's dry season here. The temperatures are very pleasant to warm, as are the nights. Mosquitoes are kept within limits in contrast to the wetter months before.

Unfortunately for us the rainy season was extremely long and heavy. Therefore, the roads in the Kimberly region were still closed in May and we had to fly from Broome to Darwin to continue the road trip there. It is still very hot in Broome and the humidity is generally very high here.

Also in the Kakadu National Park and in Litchfield National Park At the beginning of May, some streets were still closed due to flooding. As a result, a few pools in Litchfield were closed due to crocodiles or flooded streets. In the Kakadu, some roads and hikes were also impassable due to the long rainy season.

In the direction of Arnhem Land you have to wait for the tide to go down anyway to get across the river (which can be very tricky and dangerous). Fortunately, some other places were almost "water-free" so that we could easily drive through about 30 cm deep water with our camper.

Helicopter flights in the Kakadu National Park are particularly impressive. Because the waterfalls that cannot be reached by car carry a lot of water!

Burning season

What I do not want to leave unmentioned is the "Burning Season" in which forests are burned down systematically and in a controlled manner. This was during our visit. Anyone who cannot cope with acrid smoke and burning eyes (I am thinking of asthmatics) should do their research. The fires were burned right next to our campsite. No matter where, you could smell smoke everywhere and my eyes were often burning.

Best time to travel to South Australia

In the south of Australia, autumn and spring are the most beautiful times of the year. The temperatures are on average between 21 and 24 degrees, sometimes cooler. But then the animals are most active. You can experience orcas in Bremer Bay (belongs to the highest concentration of orcas in the world), dolphins and koalas as well as numerous (living) kangaroos.

Especially in Adelaide Due to the location by the sea, there is always a moderate climate. As soon as the sun can be seen, it feels warm even at 14 degrees (with us in June) and we were able to walk in the sun along the sea with shorts and a top. It is then too cold to take a bath.

Best travel time for the east coast

If, like most German tourists, you are traveling on the east coast between Sydney and Brisbane, you can confidently travel to Australia all year round. But we recommend the months October to April. The temperatures are then around 20 - 30 degrees and ideal for relaxing on the beach or going on tours in the national parks.

In winter the temperatures are pleasant at 14-20 degrees during the day, but in accommodation - especially in a camper - it can get quite chilly at night.

My experience of the best time to travel to Australia?

I myself was in the country for 3 months from March to June. I started in autumn on the south coast (Adelaide) and drove via Perth to Broome. The autumn weather was very pleasant for exploring. It was still hot at Ningaloo Reef. The water temperatures perfect for snorkeling with whale sharks.

Then I had to fly to Darwin because the rainy season was extremely long and roads between Broome and Darwin were still blocked or flooded.

In Broome and that Northern Territory it's always hot. Only the humidity varies. In Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park At the end of the rainy season, individual locations or pools were still blocked. Because either streets were flooded or there were still salties (crocodiles) in the pools.

in the Red Center suddenly winter came. At the Uluru it was -2 ° degrees at night. What the “best season” is for locals was a bit of a horror for us. Because the campers are not insulated, there is no parking heater and the blankets are very thin and without down.

I don't want to lie: I've never been as freezing as the last few days in Australia before we go back in Adelaide had pleasant temperatures and a mild climate on the coast.

More travel tips for Australia

What was your experience in Australia and in which month were you there?

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