Mitch McConnell has too much power

Mitch McConnell

How US President Biden wants to reform the Supreme Court

US President Joe Biden wants to change the rules of the Supreme Court. A commission is now supposed to work out possible reforms, but the Republicans are strictly against it. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, sets up a commission to reform the Colonel ... more

Donald Trump: MP is suing the ex-president

During the impeachment he was acquitted, now a Democratic MP wants to bring ex-President Donald Trump to a civil court. With his lawsuit, Bennie Thompson follows the appeal of a powerful Republican. A Democratic MP ... more

Chaos in the US Senate - Democrats invite surprise witness

Twist in Trump impeachment: The Democrats call a Republican as a surprise witness. But then there is no hearing. In the meantime there is a mess. In the impeachment trial against former US President Donald Trump because of ... more

QAnon supporter in US Congress loses committee posts

Marjorie Taylor Greene had tried to limit the damage. She regrets some of her comments, said the conspiracy theorist. The US Congress has now drawn the necessary conclusions. A Republican known as a supporter of conspiracy theories ... more

YouTube extends the suspension of Donald Trump's account

Donald Trump leaves the White House. Numerous safety precautions should ensure that the handover of power to the newly elected US President Joe Biden goes smoothly. Social media also play their part. The online platform YouTube ... more

Impeachment: Donald Trump is branded for all eternity

A procedure for impeachment is running against Trump for the second time, and party friends are also breaking with him. It is a historical disgrace - and yet he will remain in office to the end. Donald Trump always tried to sell his achievements as historical ... more

USA: Donald Trump's impeachment is due to start on Monday

US President Trump will soon be history. Still, the Democrats want him to be ousted before the end of his term in office. You put pressure on the Vice President to make a point. After Donald Trump's storming of the Capitol, supporters of Donald Trump want ... more

Column: An example must be made of Trump

An angry mob stormed the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday evening German time. The growing shift to the right is responsible for the shaky democracy, says columnist Lamya Kaddor. So close to a violent overthrow was the United States ... more

Donald Trump puts a vote on his candidacy for the US election in 2024

Donald Trump persistently refuses to admit his defeat to Joe Biden - at least publicly. The plans for the next election are already running in the background. Donald Trump lost the election to Joe Biden. Even if he's not officially ... anymore

Barack Obama settles accounts with Donald Trump and the Republicans

The Republicans are still backing Donald Trump. Former US President Barack Obama has no sympathy for this. In his new book, he settles accounts with Trump and his party. Former US President Barack Obama has Republicans who, despite his ... more

Senate Vote: Will Barrett Succeed in Supreme Court?

Donald Trump had nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court. Now the US Senate is about to make a decision that could soon have consequences. The US Senate wants this Monday (local time ... more