What do you miss about London

What do you miss most about your old life?

Things that were taken for granted a short time ago are suddenly of inestimable value.

What do you miss the most? ”Is one often asked these days? Traveling? The parties and concerts? Cabarets? Sporting events? Well, first of all. . . just everything. The beaches of Antalya and Barcelona, ​​the clubs of Berlin, the parks in London, the city center of Edinburgh, the urban canyons of New York. The canceled “The Killers” concert, the nights at the U4 disco, the performances of Kaya Yanar, Bülent Ceylan, Carolin Kebekus and Thomas Maurer. And of course the celebrations in the apartments of friends who move in or out, became parents or have a milestone birthday. Yes, such celebrations are not forbidden, but common sense and personal responsibility still do not allow them.

The longing for these common things a year ago is sometimes so great that distraction is only possible through the exhilarating exertion of a half marathon; or a best-of-five tennis game; or with a film by Pedro Almodóvar.

"But is there something that you lack in particular, more than anything else?" Someone wanted to know at last. Yes there is. Seeing but not being allowed to hug close friends and family members. There they sit two meters in front of you, you just have to get up, go and hug them. But it is not allowed. Who would have ever thought such a situation possible? Better not to have a meeting at all.

But these thoughts are also bearable. And sometimes even irrelevant. That is when you look at those people who have died, become ill and lonely, who have lost their job, their existence and their joie de vivre. No, it is no consolation that they are worse off than you are. It only helps to show a little gratitude in between. Can this vaccine come now, please?

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