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Family diet: one slim, all full!

Many people know the problem: someone in the family wants to lose weight and stick to a precise diet plan, the others want to feast with relish, as always. Most of the time, either those willing to diet prevail and there is a reduced diet for everyone. Or it goes according to the sweet tooth - and losing weight is doomed to failure.

But there is a solution: Our family diet is tailor-made for a household of four people. The principle: one adult eats reduced calories, three other people eat normally. In addition to the four-week diet plans for one person, you will receive recipe suggestions for family dinners together and for lunch together at the weekend. So you can either eat separately - or all together in the evenings and on weekends. We have selected quick dishes that children will also enjoy. We'll also reveal a few additional refinements that you can use to make the dishes even more attractive for little gourmets. So you don't have to cook extra!

Danger: The reduced-calorie dishes are intended for adults! If your child is overweight, it is best to discuss the appropriate procedure with the pediatrician.