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Konohamaru Sarutobi(Konoha = leaves, Maru = ending of boy names) is a Jonin from Konohagakure who belongs to the Ebisu team. He is the grandson of Sandaime Hokage and is only perceived as such by many, which is why he, like Naruto, rebels. He wants to show the village that he is more than just the Hokage's grandson and therefore wants to prove himself by becoming a Hokage himself. Naruto is his great idol, from whom he is also instructed in some Jutsus.


As an academy student

Konohamaru has brown hair and black eyes. When he was at Ninja Academy, he wore a yellow shirt with the Konoha symbol on it and gray shorts. In addition, he wore a kind of gray helmet with an orange face on it, from which a corner of his hair protruded at the top. It has a red circle on the left. He quickly replaced this helmet with aviator goggles that Naruto had given him.

As a genin

In the second part he wears a headband instead of this helmet. In Part II he has grown taller and has bought long gray trousers. He is now wearing a dark green jacket over his old T-shirt. His trademark is his extremely long blue scarf that reaches the floor.

The Last

Two years later he wears a similar jacket, but it now has a black collar and hem, and its sleeves are shorter. Bandages can now also be seen on his arm. The color of his pants has changed from black to brown and the end of the same is now in black boots. Most noticeable, however, is that his signature large blue scarf has disappeared.

In the epilogue

He is wearing it again after 13 years, but with the difference that it is now a bit shorter and wider. The rest of his outfit is again in line with his time as a genin, so he continues to wear a green jacket, which he now wears a little shorter and open, and black pants. A black top can now be seen under his jacket. The color of his headband is now black instead of blue and he wears his hair a little shorter.


Konohamaru can usually be seen with his two teammates Udon and Moegi and the three also call themselves the "Konohamaru Ninja Troop". He is the undisputed leader in his team and often draws his comrades into his sometimes insane plans and pranks. He apparently has no respect for his Sensei Ebisu, only his great idol Naruto could make it clear to him that he had to listen to his master in order to become a good shinobi. In general, he does not seem to have any respect for those of higher rank, as he also reacts to his grandfather and Tsunade rather cheekily and sometimes a bit hostile. However, he also has a hard work ethic as, according to Naruto's lecture, he works very hard on himself to become a good shinobi. In addition, his loyalty to Konohagakure is beyond question, because the village is one of the most important things in his life for.


Relationship with his team

As mentioned above, Konohamaru is the undisputed leader of Team Ebisu. But he never acts as such, rather it is his natural self-confidence and his bright character. But the three do not only stick together as a team, Konohamaru also has a deep friendship with Moegi and Udon, considering the fact that he never appears alone, but always accompanied by his teammates. Even before Team Ebisu was formed, during Naruto's trip, they were close friends, played together, and went to the same class at the ninja academy. He completely relies on his friends and they can always rely on him, follow him everywhere because they trust him. However, sometimes he has to be talked into his conscience through moegi and udon. In spite of everything, however, they form a well-coordinated team that can effortlessly carry out combination attacks and is always concerned about the safety of each other. Konohamaru's relationship with his master Ebisu can be described as very difficult, especially during his time at the Ninja Academy. Ebisu was not an authority figure for him, but an annoying evil that had to be got rid of. It can be assumed, however, that their relationship improved after Konohamaru realized the importance of an experienced master.

Relationship with Hiruzen Sarutobi

Konohamaru seems to reject his grandfather at first sight, as he is only recognized as his grandson and not as his own shinobi. While he is preferred as the Hokage's grandson, he has to forego the privilege of being recognized as himself, which is why he trains hard to achieve this. He loves his grandfather, however, which is evident at the latest when he dies, for which he weeps bitterly. After that, he wants to keep his grandfather's legacy alive and his memory alive, which is why he initially rejects Tsunade and continues to train hard to be able to inherit his grandfather's legacy. His grandfather lets his moody grandson get away with a lot, such as his constant attacks on himself because he knows how much he suffers from his famous name.

Relationship with Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto is like a big brother to Konohamaru. He sees him as his master and idolizes him. From him he learned a large part of his jutsus, such as the Oiroke no Jutsu or the Rasengan, but Naruto's greatest achievement is probably that Konohamaru has incorporated his approach to life. He wants to be just like Naruto and trains hard to emulate his master. It was through him that he found to focus on being a ninja and to take his training under Ebisu seriously. He is firmly convinced that Naruto will be the sixth Hokage and therefore wants to be the seventh, and he doesn't let his master come up with anything. Similar to Naruto in his "Dattebayo!" (in German "Echt Jetzt!") he adds "Kore" (a kind of "Ha!") to many of his sentences.

Shinobi training

Training through the ninja academy

Even when he was still attending the academy, he was receiving private lessons from Ebisu at the behest of his grandfather. While Ebisu and Hiruzen are convinced of the expensive private tuition of his teacher, Konohamaru does not accept his master at all and is constantly dancing on his nose. However, after Naruto teaches him that there are no shortcuts in the ninja path, his attitude changes and he takes his training more seriously. However, this does not change his attitude towards the ninja academy, because he has no desire for it, is rather lazy and is very happy if it fails. Konohamaru is taught the basics there, which are essential for his further ninja career.

Training by Ebisu

In Part II he is part of the Ebisu team together with his friends Udon and Moegi. It is unknown whether these are the continuation of his private lessons in team form and under real conditions or whether they form a regular team. As the master of the team, Ebisu takes over the supervision of their missions and trains them towards the goal of Chunin. With this, Konohamaru makes it anything but easy for him, because in addition to his urge for difficult missions, he has not yet stopped dancing on the nose of his former private teacher.

Training by Naruto

Another great influence in his career is Naruto, whom he regards as his primary master and from whom he has received some jutsus, but above all his attitude. All of the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat Konohamaru has developed over time are based on Naruto's teachings. So Naruto managed to teach Konohamaru what Ebisu couldn't or wouldn't. In addition to these things, Naruto initially only taught him jutsus of dubious reputation, such as his Oiroke no Jutsu, he also showed him the Rasengan at an unspecified point in time, although Konohamaru has not yet mastered this very well. In this technique, he adopted Naruto's principle of performing the jutsu with a shadow double. In general, it can be said that almost all of the jutsus that Konohamaru learns to master in the course of the series come from Naruto's training.

Konohamaru as an academy student

First meeting with Naruto

After Naruto's failed ninja registration, he has to justify himself to the Hokage, but not without incident in the form of a nosy boy - Konohamaru. He storms into the room and announces one of his routine attacks on his grandfather, but falls after a few meters and is not taken seriously by anyone. When Naruto just stares at him and says nothing, Konohamaru is convinced that his respect for the "honorable grandson" silences him. But he doesn't know Naruto very well - a nutshell makes it clear to the boy that Naruto doesn't care who his grandfather is. From that moment on, it is clear to Konohamaru that this ninja is special. Even a lecture on the part of his self-proclaimed elite teacher Ebisu cannot stop him from following Naruto. Later he meets Naruto again in Konoha and confronts him with his request that he become his "boss". Of course, Naruto cannot refuse that. This is followed by a tour of Konoha, during which Naruto tries unsuccessfully to teach his new student something. Some time later, Konohamaru complains to Naruto that no one takes him seriously and everyone sees him only as the Hokage's grandson. But Naruto makes it clear to him that it is not enough to just keep talking about wanting to become Hokage and to prove it to everyone, but that you have to work hard for it. This moment is formative for the young academy student. A moment later Ebisu appears and wants to take his student with him, but that is prevented by Konohamaru's new "boss" in the form of a combined Haaremu no Jutsu. Then he gets formative advice from Naruto - there is no shortcut to the Hokage's path. Then Konohamaru decides that he and Naruto are rivals from now on.

The Chunin selection test

After completing a few small missions, Konohamaru and his friends meet Naruto.[13] However, this encounter is not entirely flawless, because the attempt to sneak up on her "boss" in the disguise of a stone fails. But that's not all, they also used too much gunpowder and made a fool of themselves in front of Naruto with a failed performance. When Naruto tells them that he won't play "ninja" with them, he, like his friends, is disappointed. Some time later he meets Temari, Kankurou and Gaara with him and his friends. Due to an unintentional collision with Kankurou, this Konohamaru grabs by the collar and holds him tight. Only after Sasuke intervenes does Kankurou let go of him. Because of Sasuke's coolness, the academy student complains to Naruto why he isn't so cool too. During the third part of the exam, Konohamaru tries to help the late Naruto to get to the exam on time. Its well-intentioned abbreviation turns out to be a detour without equal, which is why its "boss" is not exactly happy. At Konohamaru's suggestion, Naruto takes a daimyou's cow and wants to ride it to the test site. However, Konohamaru suspects when Naruto's "departure" that this venture will go wrong, which is also true.

Invasion of Konoha

Konohamaru is later seen training with his classmates during the fight between Gaara and Sasuke in the ninja academy.[14]However, due to the attack on Konohagakure, they then missed lessons. Contrary to the opinions of his friends, Konohamaru is not happy about this, much more he looks thoughtfully out the window. He notices the surprise of the sun, which shines in all colors of the rainbow on this day and reminds him of his grandfather. After calm has returned, he can be seen with his friends at the funeral of his grandfather Hokage. The academy student sheds bitter tears and has to be comforted by Iruka.

This information only occurs in the anime:

Tsunade's arrival

One morning Tsunade wonders what is going on in front of her office. Izumo and Kotetsu then tell her that the grandson of the third Hokage barricaded himself there. Tsunade does not see this and orders them to get him out of there. However, Konohamaru does not even think of coming out. Before Tsunade can carry out her threat, Naruto, summoned by Konohamaru's friends, steps in and persuades her to wait until he has lured him out. However, this turns out to be very difficult, not even a free ramen is persuasive enough. Naruto has had enough, and he tries all sorts of jutsus - in vain. Meanwhile, Konohamaru is still sitting sadly behind the door. A short time later it turns out that Konohamru does this because he does not want to accept that a new Hokage is now using this space and he is firmly convinced that this study belongs to his grandfather. A short time later, after Tsunade had "unlocked" the room, he tells his "boss" about his fear that the people from Konoha will forget his grandfather, as a shinobi and as a human. Only a statement from Tsunade that she has to cure Lee because she is the fifth Hokage brings him to his senses. He now knows that Tsunade, like his grandfather, would do anything for Konohagakure.

The practice mission

Konohamaru takes part in a "training mission" with Moegi, Udon and his classmates from the Ninja Academy, in which Naruto, as Genin, is their team leader.[15] Konohamaru seems very happy about it, but Naruto not so much. All others are also divided into teams of three and are each assigned a Genin team leader from Naruto's circle of friends. The aim of this mission is to reach a boulder called Warudaku on Mount Takamuri and get hold of the scroll there, of which there is only one and the time limit is two days and one night. To help them, they are given maps and are advised to always stay on the marked path. Some chunin will "play ninja" as authentication. The mission seems simple, but not with Naruto as team leader: In contrast to the other teams, Konohamaru and Co. neither learn from him where the south is, nor how to get food in nature. To make matters worse, they get lost several times. But to catch up, Naruto takes you through what he thinks is a shortcut. However, this means that the monitoring unit cannot notify you of the cancellation of the exercise due to an imminent attack on Konoha. While Konohamaru and his friends are stuck on the edge of the Zielberg due to the "shortcut", Iruka and Shikamaru are feverishly looking for them. But meanwhile they get a valuable tip from their "boss": The only thing that really matters is teamwork. They must heed this immediately and save Naruto, who threatens to be killed by a falling stone due to the immense rain. Udon, Moegi and Konohamaru are impressed when Naruto is able to save himself with the Rasengan in the end. But the next day, after the failed practice mission, Udon and his friends stand united against Naruto by telling Tsunade the truth, namely that they were always against taking this shortcut. Naruto is surprised that they heeded his advice after "teamwork" so quickly.

The new Chunin selection exams

During the first part of the Konohagakure exam, which takes place two years after Naruto's departure, Konohamaru transforms into Naruto to mingle with the Chunin candidates. At first, Naruto's former classmates are surprised and do not notice the trick. However, Neji reveals the game of hide and seek with the help of his Byakugan and transforms the young academy student back into his real self. Konohamaru is disappointed that he was discovered and accuses those present of ignoring Naruto. If they hold this test now, their "boss" would never become Chunin, so the fear Konohamarus and his team. But Neji can calm her down and convince Konohamaru of the opposite.

Konohamaru as Genin

Naruto's homecoming

Shortly before Naruto's return home, Udon, Moegi and Konohamaru try desperately to capture a cat.[16] However, this is extremely fast and agile. After a chase through Konohagakure, they manage to successfully complete their mission and capture the cat, not without resistance from the aggressive animal. Konohamaru is scratched but happy. It's the same mission as Team 7's three years earlier. After successfully returning the cat to its owner and thus successfully completing her D-rank mission, Konohamaru asks for a more difficult mission. But he gets this wish, as a Genin