What does GG

What does "GG" mean? Meaning and use


You stumbled upon the abbreviation "GG" while gambling and don't know what that means? We'll tell you what's behind it and how you use it.

That means GG: Good Game

The abbreviation "GG" stands for the English expression "Good Game". In the gaming community, "Gutes Spiel / Game" is used as a symbolic handshake after an online match.

Variants of GG

With "gga", which stands for "Good Game All", the opposing group is also included. From the perspective of the loser, a "good game / game for everyone" can express the sporting recognition of one's own defeat.

Further meaning of GG: Gun Game

The abbreviation "gg" also stands for the "Gun Game" in the FPS context. In this "weapon game", the level of a player is displayed above his weapon. The more Fraggs the higher it rises, whereby the highest leveled player wins.

This is how you use GG:

With "gg", the upper and lower case letters are not seen so closely, the players can say thank you to their team members or the raid party and say goodbye. However, if the greeting is pronounced before the end of the game, this is usually to be understood as insulting or as a mocking request to surrender.

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