Why do we need the second amendment

2. Submit an application

Nothing works automatically. In order to initiate the procedure for your contribution grant, the fund needs your application form. This has been available to you since May 12, 2021 on-line to disposal. Your application can therefore be processed even more easily and quickly from now on.

For the granting of subsidies for social security contributions, the following is checked, among other things:

Therefore, please add the following documents to your online application in order to prove that the requirements mentioned are met:

  1. detailedcurriculum vitaewho in particular works out previous independent artistic activity, especially during the application period
  2. Graduation certificate of artistic training
  3. Evidence of receipt of prizes and scholarships, meaningful portfolio
  4. Income tax assessments for calendar years applied for (if already available)

Please limit yourself to the documents mentioned when submitting your application. Should the KSVF require further documents in the course of the procedure, we will contact you. That means: further material please only after explicit request!

IMPORTANT: For the validity of the application, themanual or electronic signature our affidavit required.Without this your application will not be processed and is automatically irrelevant. Entering the name on a computer in block letters is NOT a signature!

By the way, you can submit the application not only for the current calendar year, but retrospectively for four calendar years. Specifically, therefore, in the calendar year 2021 also for the calendar years 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Before submitting an application, familiarize yourself with the requirements and the procedure of the procedure! You can find detailed information on this on our homepage in the contribution subsidy area.

Requirements met?You can find it here Online form:

DANGER:Please note that a current browser is required to fill out the form! Furthermore, we ask you not to use any tablets (iPad or similar) for the application, as this may result in incomplete transfer of the uploaded documents. Please only use theFile formats .doc, .xls, .pdf, .png or .jpg for your uploaded documents!


IMPORTANT: After submitting the completed form, a summary of your details will be displayed. As confirmation that your online application has been successfully submitted to the KSVF, you will find the following message at the top:

That means: as soon as you see this message on the screen, we have certainly received your request! A telephone or written inquiry about receipt is therefore not required.


PDF form:

We know that there is sometimes a certain reluctance to submit personal information online. However, we can assure you that your data will be sent to us just as securely via the online form and will of course be treated just as confidentially as before.

The electronic application simplifies and accelerates the processing of the procedure, which is why the conventional, manually filled application form only intended for justified exceptional cases is. Let us know if it is not possible for you - e.g. due to a lack of technical conditions - to apply for the contribution subsidy online. In this case, we will be happy to send you the form to print out or by post.

This form can be submitted to the Social Insurance Institute for Self-Employed Persons (SVS) or directly to the KSVF - not only for the current calendar year, but also retrospectively for four calendar years. Specifically, therefore, in the calendar year 2021 also for the calendar years 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Please note, however, that the process can usually be completed much faster using the online form!

An informal application - be it verbal or in writing - is not legally possible.