How much crack is 6 grams

Double punishment tore a hole in the household budget

Amphetamine possession costs Berleburger couples over 1000 e

JG Bad Berleburg. How much does it cost to store five grams of amphetamines and five ecstasy tablets? 900 e - for those who take the drug into custody. A 20-year-old Berleburger made this costly experience yesterday before the local juvenile court. Within a quarter of a year he had been caught twice in Kassel as the owner of prohibited narcotics. And if he got away with a black eye the first time, the proceedings were discontinued then, this time the verdict was clearly noticeable to him.

His version of the events that took place in July was: A casual acquaintance who wanted to go outside had slipped him the package to keep in the disco in order to cheat the police controls in the outside area. He himself felt uncomfortable with it and wanted to hide the fabric better in the toilet. But here he was taken by surprise and caught by security people from the disco and plainclothes police. In the end, juvenile judge Kurt Grauel did not care whether this tragic story of the unfortunate keeper was true or not. “Possession is property. It doesn't matter whether it is for her or a friend. ”The defendant also saw this and did not want to blame his misconduct, instead making his confession. And while magistrate Judith Hippenstiel gave him high credit for this, the rapid relapse rate - around a quarter of a year - after the first termination of the proceedings gave many negative points. In total, 30 daily rates of 30 e each came out, which the previously innocent person has to pay. Even if he does a regular job, this fine tears a hole in the household budget.

Especially because his girlfriend was fined yesterday in a second narcotics trial before the Berleburg juvenile court. Against the payment of 120 e the proceedings against 19-year-olds are discontinued. She had also been caught at the Kassel disco with 2.6 grams of amphetamines: "We just wanted to try it." And because it was her first conspicuousness in matters of "drugs", she got off lightly. The public prosecutor Judith Hippenstiel was certain that the punishment for the young man had meanwhile got around to his girlfriend: "The second box costs, the defendant now knows."

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