What's your plan for Christmas


Many may not attend church this year. Understandable. But you can also celebrate a little Christmas devotion at home alone, as a couple or with the family. For example:

  1. Create a nice atmosphere: Christmas tree, a few candles. Who can play something on an instrument. Maybe not just the children, that creates a good atmosphere. And it doesn't have to be perfect. You are among yourself.
  2. Then they sing (everyone googles the texts on their smartphone or they play a YouTube video with the song title. Then they even have musicians and a choir as reinforcement):
    1. silent Night
    2. Come ye Ye Children
    3. A rose has sprung out
    4. I'm standing here at your crib
  3. Then you consider together who and what appears in the Christmas story in the Bible. Like brainstorming. What was that again? Were angels there? And what about ox and donkey? In order to resolve the differences that arise, read the original, Gospel of Luke 2: 1-20 (If you are now wondering where the holy kings have got to, then you have to read up on Matthew.)
  4. Now would be an opportunity for the parents to explain to the children that this story of the birth of Jesus is the reason for Christmas and not the tree, not the gifts and such.
  5. If you want, you could pray a prayer now. Something like this: Dear God, we thank you that we can celebrate Christmas together. Thank you that Jesus was born and that you have come fully into our world. We ask you that there will be peace in the world - and with us. Guard us and everyone we think of tonight. Amen.
  6. And then we all get up and open the window (because it has to be aired anyway) and sing loudly: Oh you happy (google the text again). So loud that at least the neighbors get up and see what's going on and then we call each other a "Merry Christmas" over the balcony.

(Based on an idea by Christoph Borger, parish letter St.Petrus Heimfeld)

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