There are gaming touchpads

How to put together the perfect gaming laptop setup

Gaming laptop touchpads and keyboards have improved significantly over the years, with some models having full-size key layouts with number pads and customizable lighting. However, when you're connected to your home setup, a dedicated keyboard or mouse can transform your laptop gaming experience in exciting ways.

A full-size mechanical keyboard offers a wealth of design options - computer lab retro, neon backlighting or a minimalist design - as well as high-quality keycaps and a satisfying typing experience. Choose between different switch types to find the right feeling and the right touch. The different options require different amounts of force to operate and can vary in terms of volume. Therefore, you should find the type of switch that suits you best.

Laptop touch pads are great for some tasks, but nothing beats a good gaming mouse when gaming at home. Customizable mouse buttons and advanced optical sensors can vastly improve the gaming experience. The large selection of mouse options enables an experience that meets almost all wishes.

The right mouse pad can also improve your gaming setup by providing an interface specifically designed for use with a particular mouse's sensor.

Mouse pads allow more precise cursor movement in games like Counter-Strike in which the players often set their sensitivity low and cover more distance with their hands. High thread counts and anti-friction surface treatments can also affect precision, while a textured backing can help keep the pad from moving when the mouse is moved.

As with most PC accessories, there are a variety of options available. These range from mouse pads with integrated wireless charging to specially developed texture and friction profiles that cover the entire desk.

Finding the right input devices for the gaming experience you want is one of the benefits of playing on PC, so it is highly recommended that you review all of the options available.