Why do I fight with girls

Fighting as a girl

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    Try to find another solution first.You should always talk to a parent or teacher before fighting. Try to find another way to solve your problems non-violently. We know you don't want to seem lame to the other girls, but if they only like you because you are strong, then they don't really like you. They are not and never can be your true friends.
    • Fighting can have dire consequences for you. If you hurt the other girl really seriously, even after she started the fight, you could end up in jail or have problems with the police. This can even be accidentally so it's better to stay away if you can.
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    Never fight on the school premises. Plan the fight away from the school grounds. You can be suspended or even expelled for a fight on school grounds. It doesn't matter who started it, don't do it on school grounds. Even if the fight isn't on the school premises, you can still run into problems with the school.

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    Always have a security. Chances are, if the girl is a good fighter, her girlfriends will step in, so you have to do that too. This can protect you from getting seriously injured. With a few friends behind you, the fight will likely stay smaller as nobody really wants to let it get out of hand. Just make sure to tell your friends that you want to keep fighting to a minimum. They are only there to protect you!

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    Never take the first strike!If at all possible, you want to avoid the fight. Argue with her or try to calm her down. Whatever you do, just don't be the first to start the fight. If you stand by your point of view and don't say anything that upsets them too much, you may not have to fight at all.
    • Try to use dialogue (conversation) to avoid the fight. Say something like, "Cassie, I'm tired of all these arguments. That won't change anything. Why don't we just get out of our way?" or "Will that really solve the problem? I want us both to get out of here happy."
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    Search for weaknesses. While she is mocking you, stay calm and try to judge where she is vulnerable. If it is smaller - then push it down. If she is taller, aim for her legs and stomach. If she has long hair, grab a handful and pull her head down so she cannot see.

  • 6

    Lean into the punch. You should tilt your head when you see her about to hit so that your forehead or head is hit instead. This will injure their hands and discourage them from continuing to hit. And it will do less harm to your body. Your skull is very strong!

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    Turn on your side to avoid punching the stomach. If she's trying to punch you in the stomach, rotate your body so she hits your side instead. This will protect your body and keep it from getting too badly injured.

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    Kick when you fall to the ground. Absolutely avoid going down on the ground, but if you fall, kick on your attacker to keep them away from you. Find a way to get up, but don't turn away from the girl. Roll yourself up in a ball if that doesn't work.

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    Avoid hitting your fist. Most people hold their fist the wrong way and you can end up harming yourself. Instead, hold your fist in place with the other hand and strike with your elbow.

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    Aim for places where it hurts. Try to hit sensitive areas when trying to strike. The chest, stomach, face, knees, feet, and hands are all easy to injure.

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    Let them tire themselves. Dodge as many hits as you can. Let them move and keep them moving. This will tire them out and help end the fight faster.

  • 12

    Use an incapacitating move. You want to bring them to the ground and not fight, but you also don't want to cause too much damage. The best way to do this is to use your own body against them. Grab her pinky finger and pull it back towards her elbow. Your arm will follow. Guide her arm so that it goes behind her back and then push her to the floor. Place your knee in the center of her back and keep her arm in place until she calms down.