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A-line wedding dresses: A versatile, classic cut

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The A-line cut is a real classic among the cuts for wedding dresses.

the big advantage:
This cut is suitable for almost every figure type.

Depending on which fabric is used and what the details look like, an A-line wedding dress can look very elegant and classy or romantically playful.

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The A-line conjures up a gorgeous figure! The name for this cut is based on the letter A, narrow at the top, wide at the bottom.

The optical result is always a slim silhouette. The focus is on the slim cut top. A beautiful cleavage comes into its own, you get wedding dresses in A-line with a more or less generous neckline as you wish.

The top Can be made as a strapless corsage, but spaghetti straps, wider straps or neckholder are also possible. On some models, a deep back neckline is a very interesting detail.

The transition from the top to the skirt is mostly flowing, but can also be emphasized more strongly. This can be done in a very difficult way, for example a tight-fitting top with embroidery merges into a softly falling fabric without any noticeable details.

The skirt falls wide and gently caresses the hips and thighs. Presumed problem areas simply disappear - because nothing bothers a bride as much as the feeling that small lozenges could be uncomfortable.

Who does an A-line wedding dress suit best?

The slim cut basically fits almost every figure type. Small women look taller because the cut optically elongates the figure. The A-line is also very suitable for tall brides.

With the skirt part, make sure that the skirt is not too wide. If you prefer more fabric, opt for a dress with a train. An A-line wedding dress looks very nice when worn as a petite bride. In order to show off your figure in the best possible way, a skirt that is not very wide can be better than a lush variant.

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Popular fabrics and processing variants for A-line dresses

The choice of fabric has a great influence on the effect of the dress. Silk, wild silk and satin look very elegant, especially when other eye-catching details are omitted.

With lace, the wedding dress gets a romantic touch. This effect is also created with flower applications. Embroidery, either just made of yarn, with pearls or rhinestones, gives the dress an exclusive look. Try on different A-line dresses and let the impression sink in!

The flowing, narrow silhouette is also ideal for women with a lovable plus in figure! At Forever, we're happy to help and show you the latest A-line models. Make an appointment in our bridal shop in Hochheim and discover what the Mainz, Frankfurt and Wiesbaden region has to offer!

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